Animal Fair/Wendy Diamond Dedicates Every Day Helping Animals; Keep Up Here!

3/18/2016                         Baby Hope’s Guinness World Record Wedding launches a Trend – NBC Today Show!

10/19/2015                       Wendy and Baby Hope Featured on Moguls Of The World

8/5/2015                           Limitless Times – Pet Advocate And Entrepreneur Wendy Diamond Is A Role Model For Generation Z

7/13/2015                         CNBC – Look What Pup attended CEO Poker Night: Manhattan’s most exclusive poker game

6/17/2015                         Time Magazine Declares Baby Hope’s Wedding One Of The 17 Most Intriguing Weddings of All Time

4/11/2015                         CNBC – Asks Wendy for the Purrfect Quotes

2/18/2015                       Reuters – YOUR MONEY-How to turn your dog into a cash cow

1/21/2015                        Fox News – Business – Is Pet Insurance An Option? 

1/18/2015                        CNBC – Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

12/18/2014                      Discovery Channel – World’s Richest Dogs Special – Baby Hope is featured

10/29/2014                     Australia Largest Paper Features – Animal Fair’s Baby Hope’s Most Expensive Pet Wedding 

10/23/2014                     ABC News – Asks Wendy – Do you think pets are children? 

10/15/2014                      Fox News Hannity Show! Wendy discusses NO Euthanization for Ebola Dogs!

7/ 26/2014                       Wendy and Baby Hope Host Gimme Shelter Benefit – South Hampton, New York

7/5/2014                           NBC Today Show – Wendy And Baby Hope’s Cool Pet Tips

7/3/2014                            SIRIUS RADIO – Wendy and Baby Hope’s 4th of July Pet Safety Tips

7/2/2014                            CNBC Power Lunch/Power Pitch – Wendy and Baby Hope Play TAGG

6/5/2014                             Headline/CNN  – Wendy discusses Pitbull Bite Scandal

6/1/2014                             Better TV/HallMark feature Paws For Style

5/19/2014                          Fox News features Paws For Style 

5/14/2014                            Good Day New York features Paws For Style

5/13/2014                           12th Annual Paws For Style Benefitting the Humane Society

5/2-4/2014                        Wendy Diamond Judges Classy Awards – Animal Welfare – San Diego

3/14/2014                        Wendy and Baby Hope Discuss Latest Pet Trends on Fox News!

3/ 12 -14/2014                 Baby Hope Goes To Global Pet Convention Orlando!

2/12/2014                       CBS The Insider – features Wendy and the best dog in the World – Baby Hope!

2/4/2014                         Wendy Diamond joins the UN Ambassador Stuart Beck – World Healthy Oceans & Seas Forum

2/3/2014                        Wendy and Baby Hope appear on HLN’s Nancy Grace Show – Pitbull Puppy brutally abused

12/29/2013                      Wendy Diamond Featured On Frommers Radio – Pet Travel!

12/23/2013                    Wendy and Baby Hope appear on ABC News – Holiday Pet Gifts and Safety

12/23/2013                     Holiday Pet Segment on Tribune/CW11 with Wendy and the Humane Society!

12/17/2013                       Animal Fair’s Holiday Toys For Dogs benefit raises $10,000 for the Humane Society!

11/27/2013                       Wendy and Baby Hope  Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips On CNN

11/22/2013                          Wendy Diamond in Page Six – New York Post

11/18/2013                         Fox news -Animalfair’s  Benefit Pairs Dogs with Wounded Warriors

11/16/2013                    NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC in Philadelphia cover the Wendy and Baby Hope’s Bark Benefit!

11/16/2013              Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Loews Hotel Philadelphia!

11/14/2013              Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Omni Hotel Dallas!

11/10/2013              Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa

10/25/2013                  Wendy and Baby Hope appear on CNBC Closing Bell – China Jerky Treat Recall

10/15-17/2013             Animal Fair Sponsors the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival!

10/11/2013                    Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Loews Hotel New Orleans!

10/11/2013                    Wendy and Baby Hope appear on CBS WWLTV – New Orleans

10/7/2013                     Access Hollywood covers the Bark Business Tour

10/7/2013                     Hallmark’s Home and Family features the Bark Business Tour

10/5/2013                     KTLA – CW11 Los Angeles –  features Bark Business Tour

10/5/2013                    Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Omni Hotel Los Angeles!

9/30/2013                   Fox TV Nationwide covers Bark Business Tour!

9/30/2013                   Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Omni Hotel Berkshire – NYC!

9/20/2013                   ABC Washington Nightly News – Bark Business Tour To support k9s For Warriors

9/20/2013                   NBC Washington – Wendy and Baby Hope support K9s For Warriors/How To Train Your Boss To Rollover

9/20/2013                  Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Omni Shoreham – Washington DC!

9/20/2013                  Wendy and Baby Hope appear on CNBC’s Power Lunch –   Power Pet Pitch!

9/17/2013                   Yahoo! features’s Bark Business Tour and K9s For Warriors!

9/8/2013                      WOR Radio – Wendy and Baby Hope discuss How To Train Your Boss To Rollover/K9s For Warriors

9/7/2013                       Wendy &Baby Hope appear on Dr Katy’s ABC Show – How To Train Your Boss To Rollover/K9s For Warriors

9/7/2013                      Bark Business Benefit Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Omni Hotel Chicago!

9/7/2013                       NBC Chicago – Wendy and Baby Hope discuss Training Your Boss To Rollover & Save A Vet Save A Dog!

9/6/2013                    MADCOW – Fox Chicago – No Guns Or Cigars – Wendy and Baby Hope!

9/5/2013                     GOOD DAY FOX CHICAGO – Bark Business Tour Benefiting K9s For Warriors – Omni Hotel Chicago!

7/31/2013                   Wendy Diamond’s career advice featured in SHAPE Magazine

7/25/2013                  Our Bark Business Breakfast Benefit Tour –  Nashville’s Tennessean

7/24/2013                   Wendy and Baby Hope Host Stars, Stripes, Paws..  Nashville Bark Breakfast Benefit

7/22/2013                   Wendy appears on NBC Nashville to discuss K9s For Warriors – Save a Veteran/Save a Dog!

7/22/2013                  Wendy appears on Fox Nashville to discuss K9s For Warriors – Save a Veteran/Save a Dog!

6/4/2013                     Baby Hope Diamond joins Daily Show’s Jon Stewart at the Animal Haven Benefit

4/25/2013                  Wendy attends the UN – ECOSOC – Innovation For Sustainable Development– Black Tie

4/16/2013                  Wendy joins Bruce Springsteen,Sting,& Tom Hanks to celebrate Rita Wilson 

3/6/2013                    SiriusXM – Wendy discusses Pig Rescue on the hit Frank Decaro Show!

3/8/2013                    Cycle4Survival-Wendy & Baby Hope w/ SNL’s Seth Meyers raise 13 million 

3/1/2013                     CNN – Wendy and Baby Hope Discuss Responsible Breeding and Defunct Debarking

3/1/2013                      Wendy and Pasha are featured as Animal Advocates and “Not Crazy Sexy Cat Ladies”

2/25/2013                  Wendy, Baby Hope & New York Pups Featured in New York Caberet Today!

2/25/2013                  New York Pups (and Wendy:) featured – New York Natives!

2/24/2013                 Wendy & New York Pups Perform @ Pre-Oscar James Bond 50Yrs Music Benefit

2/7/2013                    Conan O’Brien feature’s our very own Baby Hope’s wedding !

2/4/2013                    Baby Hope’s Wedding in honor of Lucky airs on TLC’s Cake Boss 

1/25/2013                  Wendy discusses Winter Pet Safety on CNN

1/18-22/2013           Baby Hope attends the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC!

1/16/2013                   Wendy and Baby Hope host a Twitterfest – Pet Friendly Home With Wayfair! 

1/11/2013                    Baby Hope’s Guinness World Record Wedding is featured in National Geographic!

12/22-1/6                    Wendy is  off to the Belize and Guatemala Jungles to support the endangered Jaguars

12/21/2013                 Wendy and Baby Hope discuss Holiday Pet Safety on CNN Headline News

12/21/2013                 Wendy and Baby Hope appear on CW11 Morning show with their Holiday Pet Gift Picks!

12/7/2012                  Wendy and Baby Hope bring Humane Society rescue dogs on CBS – Holiday Pet Safety!

12/5/2012                  Our very own beloved Lucky Diamond is featured in the Guinness World Record Book 2013

12/3/2012                   Wendy and Baby Hope are on Hallmark Channel’s New Morning Show Home and Family!

11/5/2012                   Wendy and Baby Hope appear in Bon Jovi video to raise awareness for Marrow Gift of Life!

10/26/2012                Wendy visits New England and appear on their most watched Morning Show NECN

10/25/2012                 Wendy’s Halloween Pet Safety Tips with Dogs Up for Adoption on CBS’ The Couch

10/19/2012                Wendy and Baby Hope visit Sirius XM Radio to go live on the Hit Frank Decaro Show!

10/16/2012                 Wendy discusses on CNN Headline News Dog Seat Belt Safety

10/2/2012                  Wendy co-hosts Friars Club – Laughs in honor of Burma’s animals 

10/3/2012                  Wendy & Baby Hope appear Front Page to support Better Food 4 Pets

10/2/2012                   Wendy And Baby Hope Protest At Doggupy To Promote Better Food For Pets

9/30/2012                   Wendy and Baby Hope have a funny mention in the Wall Street Journal

9/27/2012                  NY’s Funniest Reporter Benefit Honoring Our Beloved Pet Icon Lucky!

9/10-13/2012            Baby Hope attends Super Zoo in Las Vegas!

9/9/2012                    Wendy and Baby Hope join the New York Rangers to help the Westchester Humane Society

9/1-5/2012                 Wendy and Baby Hope visit Taos New Mexico to support the Equine Spirit Sanctuary

8/25/2012                  Wendy and Baby Hope are honored at the Gimme Shelter Benefit – Southampton, NY 

8/16/2012                   Wendy And Baby Hope Support And Host The MCSPCA ‘s Woofstock

7/20/2012                  Hamptons Magazine Features Martinis for Mutts honoring Wendy and Baby Hope

7/19/2012                   The Pet Wedding of the Century – Socially Superlative!

7/16/2012                  CNBC discusses Baby Hope and our Pet Wedding!

7/13/2012                  Los Angeles Times features our Fabulous Lucky Celebration and Wedding!

7/13/2012                  Wall Street Journal – Guinness World Record – Most Expensive Pet Wedding in History

7/13/2012                   FOX Television honors Baby Hope and her wedding!      

7/13/2012                  ABC Good Morning America Celebrates Lucky’s Memorial Celebration and our Pet Wedding!

7/12/2012                  New York Daily News – Most Expensive Pet Wedding in History benefiting the Humane Society

7/11/2012                  New York Daily News features Baby Hope’s Groom and our upcoming Pet Wedding!

7/11/2012                  CBS’ Entertainment Tonight/The Insider on Baby Hope’s Bridal Fitting at Kleinfeld’s

6/27/2012                Huffington Post features Baby Hope Diamond’s Wedding!

6/23/2012              Wendy’s new foster dog, Baby Hope, is featured in the NY Daily News

6/14/2012               Lucky’s Homeland of Malta honor her passing!  She always wanted to go!

6/6/2012                UK’s Daily Mail honor our pet icon Lucky Diamond

6/6/2012                 ABC celebrates the life of our very own Lucky Diamond

6/6/2012                Lucky Diamond – The New York Times Obituary

6/5/2012                Lucky – The Puppy Love of Wendy’s Life passed away

5/25/2012             Wendy and Lucky sparkle at the  2012 BLOG PAWS AWARDS

5/25/2012            ABC News supports Lucky’s search for true Puppy Love!

5/25/2012            Lucky and Wendy – Fox Good Day Memorial Day Tips w/ adoptable dogs!

5/24/2012            Lucky  live on CNN Headline News discussing Pet Friendly cities

5/21/2012            Lucky is featured on CBS’ The Insider – around 12 minutes in!

5/20/2012           NBC honors Lucky’s wedding!

5/18/2012           Til death do us bark – Reuters

5/ 6/ 2012           Lucky Diamond was honored at the American Cancer Society’s Bark For Life benefit.

4/26-29/ 2012  The Dynamic Duo were in Washington DC for their White House Pet Correspondents Benefit

4/25/2012          A wonderful story on how Lucky is a Lucky dog  is featured on NBC’s Petside!

4/23/2012        Shih Tzu’s from the Humane Society join Wendy and Lucky on CW11 – Allergies and Pets

4/15/2012         Wendy is featured in the Best Selling Business Book – The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom

4/6/2012           Wendy attends the White House Project Gala – the Pet Talk of Washington DC

4/3/2012             Wendy and Lucky are being honored by New York State on Animal Advocacy Day

3/28/2012          American Cancer Society is honoring Lucky Diamond at their Bark for Life Benefit

3/22/2012          Wendy’s new Pet Product review column launches on the

3/21/2012          Wendy and Lucky appear on INSIDE EDITION to give their advice why pets are jumping off the ledge!

3/10/2012        Wendy and Lucky in San Diego to honor Betty White, Actors and Others for Animals and the Petco Foundation

3/ 7-9/2012     Wendy Diamond attended the Women in the World summit – New York City

3/1-3/ 2012      Wendy  will be in Orlando for the Global Pet Expo!

2/29/2012        Wendy supports on NBC

 2/12/2012       Wendy and Lucky discuss Canine Cancer on Fox

2/9/2012        REUTERS – Wendy discusses Doodle Dogs 

12/24/2011     Our Toys for Dogs benefit featured in the New York Times

12/23/2011    Wendy and Lucky Diamond close the NASDAQ Holiday Bell with the Humane Society of New York

12/22/2011    WPIX and Wendy Diamond host a doggy adoption and Holiday safety segment

12/19/2011    Our 7th Annual Toys for Dogs benefit brings home the true spirit giving!

12/15/2011    Lucky’s Pet Gifts and Safety Tips are featured on Fox’s Good Day New York

12/8/2011     Wendy and Lucky appear on ABC’s Good Morning America with a fun Holiday Pet gift and safety segment with     adorable dogs up for adoption!

12/5/2011  Lucky celebrates with Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York her Guinness World Record reports Socialite life!

11/28/2011 Catch Wendy and Lucky on the TLC hit show Cake Boss! Buddy gets Lucky!

11/25/2011 Wendy and Lucky on Fox 8 Cleveland with their Holiday pet safety tips, gifts and animals up for adoption from the Cleveland Animal Protection League!

 11/24-27/2011 It will be Hot in Cleveland! The dynamic duo are going home to celebrate Thanksgiving and help the Cleveland Animal Protection League!

11/22/2011  Bravo TV’s hit show MAD FASHION features our Paws for Style benefit with Wendy and Lucky!

 11/18/2011  Lucky featured in Times Square Gossip!

11/17/2011 People Magazine reports Pupparazzi Alert – Lucky Diamond

11/17/2011 Wendy and Lucky with on Fox Good Day Philadelphia!

11/17/2011 New York Daily News names Lucky Diamond undisputed TOP DOG!

 11/17/2011 Lucky Diamond honored with a Guinness World Record!

 11/16/2011 Wendy and Lucky join to promote animal rescue on Philadelphia’s NBC 10! show!

11/11/2011 A Novel Romance movie with Steve Guttenberg , Wendy Diamond sans Lucky premiers in theaters

11/ 11/2011 Wendy and Lucky are judges along with the one and only Betty White, and Jillian Michaels for “American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™” appearing on the Hallmark Channel at 8PM

10/31/2011 Fox News covers Wendy and Lucky’s Howloween benefitting the Humane Society with the hilarious Bill Schultz!

10/31/2011 Wendy and Lucky host a canine costume catwalk on the NBC Today show!

10/28/2011 Wendy and Lucky sneak into Sirius XM to go live on the Frank Decaro show to discuss Howloween and adopting senior pets!

10/26/2011’s 11th annual Celebrity pet Howloween benefit to support the Humane Society of New York

10/24/2011 Fox Good Day New York brings back Wendy and Lucky and friends from the Humane Society of New York for HOWLOWEEN!

9/29/2011 Wendy on Good Day Fox w/ How to Stretch a Doggie Dollar: Pet Parenting in a Plummeting Economy

9/20/2011  Wendy and Pasha chat about senior cats on Pet Life Radio

9/19/2011 Wendy discusses Stress, Dogs and White House Party Crasher’s Dog’s death in FORBES

9/15/2011 Wendy and Lucky are on the NBC Today show to discuss Pets in a Ruff Economy 

9/8/2011 Wendy and Lucky join Whoopi Goldberg to honor the dogs of 9/11 to support the American Humane Association.

8/24/2011 Wendy jets off to Thailand to help the abandoned and endangered Animals in Thailand 

8/22/2011 Wendy and Serena & Venus Williams help bounce back fun by raising money for tennis balls and the inner city youth!

8/19/2011 Wendy and Lucky are on Good Day Cleveland to discuss the importance of Pet Adoption  

8/19/2011 Wendy and lucky are on NBC Today Show in Cleveland with Pets on a budget! 

8/4/2011 Wendy joins Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda to support

7/24/2011 Wendy and Lucky Featured in Hola Magazine with Kirstie Alley

7/24/2011 Wendy and Lucky attend the 2nd Annual HelpArgentina Polo Benefit with Kirstie Alley

7/14/2011 Wendy and Lucky Appear on Fox Philadelphia

7/14/2011 Wendy and Lucky Spotted Cruising with Joy Behar on New York Social Diary

7/6/2011 Wendy and Lucky Share Their Summer Tips on Good Day Fox

7/6/2011 Wendy And Lucky Announce Co-hosting Position with Super Model/Polo Legend Nacho Figueras at this year’s HelpArgentina polo benefit

7/4/2011 Wendy and Lucky appeared on Good Day New York on Fox 5 for the Independence Day info that will keep your tail wagging!

6/30/2011 Wendy Diamond Spotted at the White House Press correspondents Dinner on the Pages of Vanity Fair Magazine

6/28/2011 Wendy and Lucky announce that they will be judging the Hallmark Channel’s Hero Dog Awards alongside Betty White and Whoopi Goldberg

6/28/2011 Wendy and Lucky visit the Today Show in New York to discuss Summer Pet Health Tips!

6/28/2011 Wendy and Lucky Discuss How to Incorporate Your Dog into Your Wedding (now regardless of sexual orientation!) with the Universe on XM Sirius Radio’s Frank DeCaro Show!

6/23/2011  Wendy is Interviewed for the Epoch Times, stresses no animals were harmed

6/21/2011  Wendy and Lucky set sail with Joy Behar of the VIEW for a dinner cruise hosted by Friends of Animal Rescue

6/18/2011 Wendy Diamond’s Best Selling, “It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living” touted as “perfect beach reading” by New York Daily News

6/7/2011 Wendy and Lucky talk about Parenting your Pets on Rochester’s WHAM-13 network!

6/6/2011 New York Social Diary Review of our 2011 Paws for Style Event!

6/1/2011 “Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog’s Life” and “My Cat’s Life” Now available in stores!

6/1/2011 Wendy and Lucky will be with the girls on ABC’s THE VIEW!

5/26/2011 Wendy and Lucky join Fox Network in Philadelphia for a very special Fox Fursday discussing pet-friendly products for a great beginning to summer!

5/24/2011 Wendy and Lucky welcomed BravoTV at Animalfair’s 11th Annual Paws For Style Event!!

5/20/2011 Watch Wendy and Lucky discuss Paws For Style on Fox Good Day New York!

5/17/2011 Wendy and Lucky on FOX and NBC in Philadelphia to do press for Chicken Soup for the Soul!

5/10/2011 Listen in to Wendy and Lucky’s travel tips on the Martha Stewart Radio Station on Sirius Satellite Radio!


4/25/2011 Wendy and Lucky have a GOOD DAY with Fox discussing their new Chicken Soup for the Soul My Dog’s Life book and creating a pet friendly home!

4/1/2011 Wendy and Lucky appear on Good Morning America to discuss how to incorporate your pets into your wedding celebration!

3/7/2011 Wendy and Lucky discuss how to make your home pet friendly on the NBC Today Show.

2/21/2011 Puppy Love at Yappy Hour® makes big news in the event world on BizBash!

2/20/2011 Wendy and Lucky were on FOX and Friends to debate the proposed Texas Law mandating insurance for dogs! If you missed it, check out FOX’s article on what is happening with the proposal.

2/18/2011 Wendy in US Weekly! Check out who else was at Animal Fair’s Yappy Hour Charity Event!

2/15/2011 Wendy and Lucky were seen all over the world on CNN discussing what happens behind the scenes at Westminster!

2/11/2011 Wendy hosted Puppy Love at Yappy Hour, a Valentine’s Day Charity Event benefiting the Humane Society of NY! Check out how much fun CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla had at Yappy Hour on Squawk Box!

2/10/2011 Wendy and Lucky on FOX! Watch to see what pet treats are safe for Valentine’s Day!

2/10/2011On The Insider, Puppy Love at Yappy Hour to promote animal rescue in celebration of Valentine’s Day! There’s no reason for anyone to be alone this Valentine’s Day!

1/22/2011 Wendy and Lucky on CBS’ Early Show! Learn all about grooming your dog at home this winter!

12/20/2010 Wendy and Lucky are on the Today Show! Still searching for those last minute pet gift ideas? Look no further, just watch the clip at the bottom.

12/17/2010 See Wendy in Boston on FOX! The holidays are near and Wendy shows us the best pet gift ideas!

12/16/2010 Watch Wendy and Lucky on FOX’s Good Day New York. Wendy and her great friend Host Rosanna Scotto share some amazing pet gift ideas for this holiday season!

12/15/2010 On NBC’s Today Show Wendy and Lucky discuss how your pets can survive the winter cold! (She’s the fourth one at the end!)

12/13/2010 People Magazine chose our Premier Pet Lifestyle Experts Wendy and Lucky for their favorite holiday pet gifts!

12/01/2010 Australia’s NBC Today Show features Wendy and Lucky!

11/22/2010 Wendy and Lucky join Seinfeld’s John O Hurley, Valerie Diker, Karen LeFrak, NBC’s National dog show Host David Frei to support Angel on a Leash benefit

11/19/2010 Wendy and Lucky casted as Talk Show hosts in new Independent film feature WOLF DOG.

10/29/2010 Wendy and Lucky give Halloween pet tips on the NBC Today show.

10/27/2010 Wendy and Lucky’s fashion show with their HSNY friends on Good day FOX!

10/22/2010 Wendy and Lucky’s on FOX News Rising! Don’t miss these money saving pet tips!

10/22/2010 Wendy and Lucky’s, It’s a Dog’s World on NBC Charlotte Today!!! She has the scoop on saving money and still being the best pet parent!

9/2010 Wendy and Lucky star in Microsoft’s BING commercial!

7/15/2010 (Portland Jewish Review) ‘Dog’s World’ author Wendy Diamond talks about her book tour which will be on July 27 in Portland for her new book and charity event, Yappy Hour, a fundraiser for the Oregon Humane Society.

6/29/2010 Tune in to NBC’s Today Show on June 29th where Wendy and Lucky will dish on the hottest pet health tips for a furtastic summer.

6/15/2010 “Speaking for animals” Wendy Diamond – a real life Elle Woods! – traveled with her pup Lucky to speak at the H+ Summit at Harvard University

6/15/2010 ( Wendy and Lucky Diamond Reclaim Harvard!

6/12/2010 Put some brain in your Bark! Wendy and Lucky travel to Harvard on June 12th to speak at the H+ summit!

6/10/2010 Wendy and Lucky share dog walking tips that will leave your tail wagging! Catch them on June 10th on Better TV

5/25/2010 Wendy and Lucky’s Pet-Friendly Living: The House Rules

5/21/2010 Wendy and Lucky meet up with MARMADUKE and Owen Wilson in San Diego
for the animated movie premiere!

4/30/2010 White House Correspondents dinner went to the DOGS – Washington Post

4/24/2010 The Boston Globe features Wendy’s life work with animals

4/19/2010 ( In this article, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond is interviewed about her new book and trip to San Francisco to support the San Francisco Animal Care and Control fundraiser.

4/15/2010 (Better Tv) Pet lifestyle Experts Wendy and Diamond discusses how it all began with the Oscar winning team behind The Cove.

4/14/2010 (Today Show) Wendy and Lucky Diamond discuss the latest in digital pet products

4/9/2010(Better Tv) Wendy and Lucky Diamond speaks to the Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, about his recent loss and the upcoming 6th season.

3/30/2010 USA Today asks Wendy Diamond tips on traveling with pets.

3/27/2010 Wendy & Lucky’s Pet survival guide featured in the New York Daily News

3/21/2010 Wendy and Lucky are back on the Inside Track in the Boston Herald after a successful, sold-out Yappy Hour in Boston

3/19/2010 Wendy and Lucky get covered by the Boston Globe

3/18/2010 Wendy, Lucky and adorable, adoptable dogs from the Animal Rescue League of Boston visit FOX 25 Boston

3/17/2010 GET OUT with Wendy and Lucky at the Boston Yappy Hour at Stuff Magazine Boston

3/14/2010 Wendy gets on the Inside Track at the Boston Herald in preparation for her Boston Yappy Hour!

3/03/2010Wendy takes a stand with Forbes on the Sea World controversy

2/15/2010 Rachael Ray covers pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond’s benefit, Yappy Hour, in New York.

2/13/2010 Personal Branding In this blog, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond speaks to Dan Schawbel about her flourishing endeavor and what encouraged her to develop and expand her empire.

2/10/2010 New York Times The dogs have been let loose! In this segment by Penelope Green, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond speaks about her benefit, Yappy Hour, and her book “It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-legged Living.”

2/10/2010 ABC News (Video) Pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond speaks to ABCNEWS NOW about her new book “It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-legged Living”, and shares all sorts of tips for dog lovers.

2/9/2010 New York Social Diary Mingle with this! Pet lovers and pet parents come together for a great cause hosted by pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond and her dog Lucky.

2/9/2010 Today Show Wendy Diamond, author of “It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living,” speaks with TODAY’s Ann Curry about how adopting a dog forever changed her life.

2/9/2010 Random House In this segment, publisher Random House describes pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond’s new book “It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-legged Living.”

2/7/2010 Cleveland Plain Dealer In this article, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond talks about her life, her pets, her new book “It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-legged Living”, her magazine “Animal Fair”, and how she became who she is today.

2/7/2010 Better TV In this video segment, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond and her dog Lucky showcase the 18th Barkus Parade down in the Big Easy!

11/19/2009 Better TV Appearance – The companionship of animals and the way Wendy’s boots are changing her life find their way into this jubilant discussion.

11/19/2009 Better TV Appearance – With the holiday season upon us, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond talks to Audra about pet travel and the steps you can take to assure your dog’s safe arrival.

11/12/2009 Better TV Appearance – In this forum, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond delves into the lives of 8 men who are an integral part of the well-liked National Geographic show “Rescue Ink”.

11/5/2009 Better TV Appearance – The lovely and talented Wendy Diamond speaks to Audra about the holiday season and what you should do for your pet.

11/5/2009 Better TV Appearance – Pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond sits down with The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and chats about puppy love, house-breaking a dog, and the complete relationship between humans and dogs.

11/4/2009 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated September 4, 2009

10/22/2009 Better TV Appearance – In this fun and energetic discussion, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond and Audra happily converse about Lucky-Wendy’s dog, celebrity pets, and Joe Jackson.

10/22/2009 Better TV Appearance – This discussion between pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond and Audra revolves around relationships and the awkwardness they can have when it comes to gift-giving.

10/22/2009 Better TV Appearance – Dressed up for this Halloween segment, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond discusses with Audra about the safety measures you can take before sending your pup trick-or-treating.

10/18/2009 Wendy and Lucky will be a judges at Greenwich, CT’s dog show and 22nd Annual Puttin’ On the Dog Festival.

10/8/2009 Better TV Appearance – At the musical rehearsal of 101 Dalmations, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond seeks out Dennis DeYoung who composed and wrote the music and lyrics.

10/8/2009 Wendy and former-Styx member Dennis DeYoung talked about his 101 Dalmatians the Musical project.

10/7/2009 Wendy and Lucky headed to Good Day NY discussed the lessons we learn from our dogs!

10/2/2009 Wendy and Lucky sat down with Zak George on BETTER TV to talk about his upcoming series Superfetch on Animal Planet!

9/29/2009 Better TV Appearance – Featured in Better’s funniest moments of the first 500 episodes, pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond is caught off-guard when an adorable cat takes an unexpected plunge off the table.

9/29/2009 Better TV Appearance – Wendy talks about Presidential House Pets

9/29/2009 Wendy and Lucky can be seen in Goyband, a full length movie screened at the Manhattan JCC on September 29th.

9/18/2009 See Lucky filmed a guest starring role on September 18th for an episode of Real Housewives of New York City!

9/17/2009 Wendy and Lucky stop by Eric Burnett’s Street Signs on CNBC to discuss Pets and the Recession

9/11/2009 Wendy and Lucky go to the Hampton Classic with

9/8/2009 Wendy and Lucky celebrate Matilda’s sixtieth birthday at the Algonquin Hotel with

9/4/2009 Wendy offers advice on Keeping Your Expenses on a Tight Leash on Today’s Pets

September 2009: Now airing in Australia, Wendy and Lucky help judge who is the Greatest American Dog (CBS)!

7/27/2009 Wendy and Lucky offer advice on teaching your dog to swim with

7/20/2009 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated July 20, 2009

6/1/2009 Wendy’s advice on how to protect your pet from the summer heat at

4/5/2009 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated April 5, 2009

3/18/2009 Wendy and Lucky’s pet travel tips on

3/13/2009 Pet proof your home with Wendy and Lucky on

1/20/2009 Learn how to save money on pets with Wendy and Lucky on

10/26/2008 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated October 26, 2008

9/11/2008 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated September 11, 2008

9/4/2008 Wendy and Lucky’s exercise and diet tips on

7/8/2008 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated July 8, 2008

6/25/2008 Ruff and Ready: NY Pet Diva Behind ‘Dog Don Kaplan, New York Post

6/23/2008 The Kid’s a Pro & Gracious Too – Cindy Adams, New York Post: “CBS’ “Greatest American Dog” premieres July 10. One judge is Wendy Diamond, chief pet officer of Animal Fair magazine, with her hound Lucky. Nice that in her old age she got her first prime-time series. We’re talking Lucky, not Wendy . . . Kristin Chenoweth, on hiatus from TV’s “Pushing Daisies” in February, looking to do a short run in a legit show . . . Brooke Shields about her “Lipstick Jungle” series: “I’m proud that on our set we all love one another. Women do not have to be bitches to be successful.” . . . Laura Linney: “Emmy and Oscar nominees are all alone. Every Tony nom has an army behind them. A thrilling, wonderful, remarkable, hardworking generous group. We all want everyone to do well.” . . . I saw TV Judge Marilyn Milian at a party. Wow. A beauty. Her tight slinky gown was sliced down to her gavel. Forget that robe. Here come de juggernaut. Only in New York, kids, only in New York”

5/20/2008 Judges Wendy Diamond (and her dog, Lucky) Allan Reznik and Victoria Stilwell will determine the GREATEST AMERICAN DOG on CBS

5/7/2008 Don’t Burn Out Aliza Sherman,

9/17/2007 Canine Queen Suzanne Hoppough, Forbes: “Wendy Diamond wants to be the Martha Stewart of the pet world. She’s well on the way.

9/19/2007 Inside Track, Boston Herald?”That animal devotee Wendy Diamond will debut her new documentary “In Search of Puppy Love” at the Boston Film Festival tonight. Diamond, who founded, an online maggie for pet lovers, has raised more than $10,000 for the Animal Rescue League of Boston with her flick about searching for the human equivalent of a devoted dog.”

8/26/2007 Animal Magnetism & The Stars Ben Widdicombe, NY Daily News

5/27/2007 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated May 27, 2007

10/30/2006 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated October 30, 2006

6/9/2006 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated June 9, 2006

5/9/2006 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated May 9, 2006

4/22/2006 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated 22 April, 2006

4/6/2006 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated April 6, 2006

3/31/2006 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated March 31, 2006

1/16/2006 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated January 16, 2006

12/5/2005 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated December 5, 2005

11/15/2005 Wonder what that fetching guy is really like? Take a good look at his dog Pamela Sitt, The Seattle Times

11/3/2005 NBC Today Show Appearance – Episode dated November 3, 2005

11/11/2004 BOLDFACE NAMES: Proving Once Again That Manners Count Joyce Walder, The New York Times

5/12/2003 It’s a Dog’s Life Joel Stein, TIME

2/8/2003 The word on the street Justine Hankins, The Guardian

12/18/2003 Pampered Pets? Ask the Litter Box Repairman Lynda Richardson, The New York Times

1/20/2002 PETROPOLIS; Cashing In on Being Cute Julie V. Iovine, The New York Times


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