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Penelope Cruz’s Sister Monica Has A Heart For Romania’s Homeless Animals

monica cruz

Nearly twenty years after the fall of Communism, which prompted Romania to experience the most rapid economic growth of its history – millions of dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys are left in the streets to live on refuse.

Animals that are impounded as strays are reportedly incarcerated in concentration camps, where they may have little or no chance of being adopted. They may also die of disease, starvation or injuries suffered while fighting to survive. The Romanian League in Defense of Animals is an organization funded entirely by donors and sponsorship. Funding has enabled them to build two private shelters for rescued strays. They are also able to promote community education by hosting interns and international volunteers.

ROLDA’s latest educational campaign is called “Have a Heart for Romanian Homeless Animals”. The goal of the campaign is to recruit celebrity endorsements to elevate community awareness about the plight of the displaced animals, while also raising funds needed to construct a charitable veterinary clinic in Galati, Romania.

The first celebrity to accept the invitation to help promote the ROLDA’s cause has been Monica Cruz, the celebrity sibling of Penelope Cruz and the sister in law to Javier Bardem. Monica is also famous in Spain for starring as an actress in the television series “El Rey de Espadas” and had the lead role in the movie, “Susurros”, in which she played Clara.

Monica is a dedicated animal lover, having no less than six adopted dogs that she calls “her babies”. They include a Yorkshire Terrier, two Cockers Spaniels, one Bichon Frisé, one Pug, and a dog rescued from the streets named Jimi.

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