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In Honor of 9/11 – Donate $11 To Make A Veteran’s Dream Come True… @k9sforwarriors

In Honor of 9/11 – Let’s Make A Veteran’s Dream Come true…

They fought for our selflessly freedom and today we hope you help us fight for them! We hope this dream becomes a reality for a Veteran with PTSD !  If 1000 people donate $11.00 (or however much you can afford) we will save One Veteran And One Dog From Being Euthanized, we will announce which Veteran with PTSD will be blessed to go through the K9s For Warriors program because of your support!

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Every hour, a veteran commits suicide according to the Department Of Veteran Affairs! Service dogs are a natural cure for PTSD! K9s For Warriors rescues dogs from shelters prior to being euthanized and trains them to be service dogs for veterans with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. It costs approximately $10,000 to graduate one veteran/canine team from the time the dog is accepted into training. This includes housing, feeding, and training with his veteran for three weeks. We hope you can donate $11 or what ever amount you can afford..

K9s For Warriors is 100% proven, transparent and successful!  94% of every dollar donated to K9s For Warriors goes directly to the Veteran & service dogs.  Only 6% is used on fundraising and overhead. Shari Duval, the founder and Executive Director of K9s For Warriors takes no sala

If 1000 people donate $11.00 we will raise enough money to Save One Veteran and One Dog …..

Please join us in making this happen !  Click here to support!

K9s For Warriors is a transparent charity.  All financials are on their website! 

The $10K to save a Veteran with PTSD and a dog from being euthanized encompasses:


The dogs are full service dogs and perform tasks to mitigate their warriors disabilities.


All dogs are trained to:

additional tasks if needed: (depends on warriors physical needs)


In addition the dogs will wake warriors from nightmares/flashbacks and we can customize them to what their warriors needs.

They are also their new “battle buddy”  in a combat zone you are never alone, you are always with you unit and the service dog gives them back a unit of two, they are never alone, plus a dog is always more vigilant than a person could ever be so it allows the warrior to let their guard down and let the dog “man the post”.  They also focus so much on their dog and stop focusing on their own issues it is very healing.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the tour will 100% benefit K9s For Warriors. Ellen DeGeneres’ pet food company, Halo, Purely for Pets knows that natural nutrition is imperative for service dogs (and all dogs) because it ensures a long, happy life with their parents, and are on board with supporting the K9s For Warriors Bark Breakfast Benefit Tour! American Express Open has partnered with us to empower and support Veteran small business owners. The Loews and Omni pet-friendly hotels are graciously providing the space for the Bark Business Breakfast, so we can gather, raise money, and get the bark out about K9s For Warriors!


Bark about it!