What Does VP Joe Biden’s Dog Say About Him And The Debate?

Top Dog Biden with his little dog, Champ when he was a cute German Shepherd  puppy!

The vice presidential debate was a heated contest Thursday night, with some critics calling VP Joe Biden’s performance comparable to a democratic party attack dog, and other critics referred to him as a mad dog. And yet more political pundits barked that Paul Ryan is not ready to run with the big dogs.

The canine comparisons throughout this election year can’t be denied or ignored. So, if we’re going to link Joe Biden with a dog’s personality, what exactly does it say about Joe Biden if he is the proud pet parent to a German Shepherd?

Animal Fair Media’s Wendy Diamond can tell you! She wrote the bestselling book; How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs. Wendy humorously explored finding the common connection and personality traits between men and their dogs – they’re not called man’s best friend for nothing – and figured out what makes 30 of the most popular breeds, and their male pet parents, tick.

Biden purchased his male German Shepherd, he later named Champ, from a breeder Linda Brown of East Coventry Township, Pennsylvania. She was quoted saying about her meeting with Biden, “He was very gracious … He hugged and kissed all of the shepherds.”



Let’s dig a little deeper! German Shepherd’s are always on a mission (and so was Biden last night – what type of mission we’re not quite sure yet)! But one thing is for sure – Shepherds are very intelligent canines, so that means our current VP isn’t all show, and knows something of which he is barking about.

The German Shepherd is also incredibly loyal, protective and highly territorial! This is an indicator that Joe Biden will remain faithfully by Obama’s side, and isn’t afraid to endure a couple dogfights for the sake of securing the White House for a second term. But Biden can also be very suspicious of political newbies and keep them on a very short leash, which was apparent during his debate with Paul Ryan last night!

May the best in show dog (as in debate show) win the 2012 election – woof!

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