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Pet Travel! It’s A Ruff Life In Nantucket!

Winter pet travel blues?  Everything is packed, work is left at home, and a week of leisure lies ahead. But there’s just one last stop: bringing your poor pooch to the kennel where he is caged up for the next seven days, while you roam freer than ever. Feeling guilty yet? Dragging your dog to the kennel by the leash, and suffering a sad goodbye look as you embark on a fun filled vacation is no longer your only option. Many vacation hot spots acknowledge…

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Independence Day! Pet Advice To Ensure A Happy 4th Of July!

Independence Day Agenda! The 4th of July is here and Wendy and Baby Hope are wagging their tails with excitement for this year’s festivities. But while Wendy loves the boom and dazzle of Fireworks, Baby Hope is less appreciative of this perplexing and LOUD form of human entertainment. Like any good pet parent, Wendy understands Baby Hope’s needs and now she’s created this handy list of tips for a furtastic 4th that combines canine creature comforts with a great big human hoorah!   Tips for…

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Ten Canine Etiquette Summer Travel Tips!

Let’s face it, our pets are more than just the little furry creatures that lay at our feet at night and bring us the Sunday paper. They are treasured family members who share our world, our hearts and now our travel accommodations. With this privilege, certain rules should apply, according to Gayle Martz, founder of Sherpa, which makes the “Gucci” of pet carriers. Ms. Martz offers the Petiquette advice in the following ten tips for polite pooches:   1. Always maintain a low profile in…

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An Apple A Day Will Keep The Vet Away!

  Okay, I know my dog can’t try cider, but what about an apple?  It’s so hard to resist those envious puppy eyes. Apples and Dogs! A Lucky Match!   The Risks!  Didn’t mean to scare you.  If your dog swallows a few seeds, his body will detoxify itself.  But, if your dog ingests large quantities of apple seeds, it can cause major damage!  Why?  Apple seeds contain amygdlin, a form of cyanide, which is extremely dangerous, as it prevents the blood from carrying oxygen throughout the body. So, if you’re going to give your dog apples, core the…

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OMM Yoga or Doga anyone?

Animals, Yoga And OHM In Brazil!

    Working like a dog is an expression I can definitely relate to – sometimes more than I would like.  The practice of yoga has kept me centered and at peace during my work day and when taking care of my two adorable pets, Pasha & Baby Hope. It would figure that the exercise I love so much is based on animals! Recently I visited Body and Soul Adventures in Rio de Janeiro to learn all about the history and culture of yoga. If…

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There Once Was a Very LUCKY Dog From Nantucket!

    Nantucket is a fabulous summertime spot, and is especially fun if you bring along your furry friend, sure to not cramp your style on this pet-friendly island.  Only 30 miles from Cape Cod, it’s a destination that has captured the hearts of countless vacationers, with its quaint shops, restaurants and galleries, beautiful beaches, and relaxed New England feel.  Remnants of the island’s past, replete with seamen, whales, and lore fortified by Herman Melville, endure on the quaint cobblestone streets.  Many of the stones…

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Dioji's bone shaped pool, is the perfect hot spot to cool off. Photos courtesy of Dioji.

Sunny Santa Barbara Beckons You And Your Pet!

Oceanside Santa Barbara is a California city with a unique climate compared to all other cities in the United States. Santa Barbara has been donned the exotic title, “American Riviera,” because its climate resembles that of the tropical regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the region ideal for wine making. But Santa Barbara’s wine is not the only attraction that draws countless tourists year-round. With over 70,000 dogs for the roughly 200,000 residents, Santa Barbara is about as pet-friendly as a city can get.…

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Father’s Day Tips For Grateful Canines! Adopt!

Dedicated to all fathers on Father’s Day, whether the pet or human kind!   With Father’s Day right around the corner, dads around the world are dreaming of delicious barbeque, reclining chairs, the latest bestselling novel, and a moment of leisure. While any dad can expect a new tie, a homemade card, or the latest ‘it’ gadget, those special fathers who do double duty as pet parents should look forward to an extra helping of puppy love. This Father’s Day, Animal Fair Media  presents five…

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The Dog Days of Sunburn

    For those of us who love summertime, the warmest months of the year are synonymous with great weather and a host of outdoor activities under the sun. We take the necessary precautions to prevent sunburn and skin cancer by using sunscreen and sunblock. But how many of us provide important skin protection for our Frisbee loving furry companions? All dogs are susceptible to sunburn, most particularly shorter-haired breeds and lighter colored dogs. It is important to invest in a sunblock that is designed…

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Does Your Child Want To Be A Little Veterinarian? Here’s their chance…

    Is your child fascinated by animals and nature? There’s an opportunity and place for them to explore the world of veterinary medicine with practicing veterinarians. The NYC Veterinary Specialist located on New York City’s West Side provide classes that teach children; how veterinarians think and work, the use of real tools, different topics ranging from bones to blood to surgery, and live animal contact. The present educator is Dr. David Bessler, an emergency vet at NYC Veterinary Specialists. He spends his days (actually his nights)…

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