Pet-Friendly Resort: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess – Scottsdale, Arizona

Cool off at one of the only pet-friendly pools in the country

When planning a vacation, choosing the right resort can be a perplexing process due to the wide variety of options available. Throw in your five-star, four-legged friend and there are even more pet programs to paw through. Luckily our readers are connoisseurs of the pet world and this year chose a very special resort! The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is Animal Fair’s Cesar® Five Dog Bone Award winner for the most Pet-Friendly Resort.

Located in the heart of the Arizona desert, the Princess’ gorgeous architecture is designed after the Grand Canyon’s Havasu Falls. Scottsdale, Arizona is known as “the Beverly Hills of the desert,” so you and your pet will relish in the area’s sandy class and beautiful weather. The spa and resort offers the Paws On Board program that welcomes you and your pooch with gifts galore upon arrival, including a walking map which provides scenic paths and trails around the 65 acre property. Our readers loved the Paws On Board program that gave their pets blankets, treats, toys and even a turn-down treat in the evening, before bed. But the most attractive perk of the Princess is that it’s one of the only resorts in the country that allow pets at the pool! That’s right – your dog will be able to watch you doggie paddle!

When Animal Fair visited The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess they sat down with Jennifer Franklin, Director of Public Relations to find out more about Paws On Board. Franklin told us, “Fairmount Scottsdale Princess are crazy about dogs and cats. When a mom and dad arrive with their puppy, we usually are expecting them in advance, and with Paws on Board we always customize to each pet. Upon arrival pets will get a customized guest bed, some treats, a toy and sometimes if mom and dad like it they’ll get scoobies. When our guests check-in we even have a special sign so that when our workers go to clean the room they know there is a special guest inside and the dog doesn’t run out when they go in.”

Sit at the Stone Rose with your dog and have a refreshing drink!
Sit at the Stone Rose with your dog and have a refreshing drink! Photo courtesy of Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

When visitors want to leave their pets in the room to nap, there are plenty of relaxing places and amenities for guests to enjoy at The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, especially visiting the Willow Stream Spa! The spa features rolling waterfalls, a refreshing pool, massages and signature treatments with natural ingredients actually taken from Arizona. The resort also offers five pools, an 18-hole Champion golf course, luscious gardens, and endless attractions for the kids.

The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess has four restaurants; La Hacienda, The Grill, Stone Rose and Bourbon Steak. When we asked Jennifer Franklin if guests can order room service for their pets, she responded, “We have Bourbon Steak restaurant by our acclaimed chef Michael Mena and one of the items on the menu is a A5 ?Kobe beef steak. It’s not unheard of that a special guest ordered a $190.00 dollar steak for their pet.” Animal Fair’s readers have spoken and picked for the Pet-Friendliest Resort, The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, a jewel of an oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert!

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