Holiday Bark & Roll With Wendy Diamond’s “The New York Pups” & Pet Rox To Benefit Hurricane Sandy Animals!

Do you want to appear in our once in a lifetime music video?  Do you want to be chosen to appear on stage for a chance to sing back up with THE NEW YORK PUPS?  Here’s your chance join us December 13!  Tickets are almost sold out – proceeds benefit the Hurricane Sandy Animals in the Lucky Diamond Critical Care Ward at the Humane Society of New York!  Tickets are only $20!


What people probably don’t realize about Animal Fair Media’s pet-lifestyle expert and animal advocate Wendy Diamond, is that she uses her voice in many different ways. Ever since she sang soprano in the Chagrin Falls 2nd grade choir, her singing voice has been waiting to be heard! Life often comes full circle and her dream is about to happen. Wendy combined her love of animals and singing, and has formed the barkin’ backup trio,  “The New York Pups”.

Wendy Downtown, Wendy Uptown and Anne Marie help animals day and night!

The Pups will be singing backup for the biggest rock band in vet history – Pet-Rox! The New York Pups consists of our very own Wendy Diamond, The Humane Society of New York’s comedian extraordinaire Anne-Marie Karesh, and a surprize special guest who can actually sing! LOL!

Wendy Diamond and her Pups!

Pet-Rox & The New York Pups will be performing live at the Metropolitan Room on December 13, in honor of the Hurricane Sandy Animal proceeds will benefit the Lucky Diamond Critical Care Ward at The Humane Society of New York in support of the Hurricane Sandy Animals. You must see and hear this howling musical show, guaranteed to have you singing along!

Pet-Rox & The New York Pups, the biggest new music sensation since The Beatles, will sing songs such as the Best in Show and Raining Cats & Dogs, with all songs written by Dr. Jeffrey Levy, the Paul McCartney of the animal world.

Founded over ten years ago, Pet-Rox is a platform for animal lovers to showcase their musical talents and promote their messages of animal rights and welfare. Everything from pet adoption, to nursing injured animals, to helping police and rescue dogs will be promoted and showcased.

Baby Hope at rehearsal!

Pup Wendy Diamond chirped, “I’ve always loved Elvis Presley, so for me to sing backup on Hound Dog is a once in a lifetime experience!”

We can’t promise the Pet-Rox & The New York Pups will win a Grammy, but we can promise that everyone who attends this musical live concert will have the time of their lives – while helping to save the lives of animals.

Click here to buy tickets! Starts at 9:30 pm!

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