Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino adds Animal Rescue to the Gym Tanning Laundry Routine

It was all Wendy could do to try to stop Vinny from adding Lucky to his zoo!

The Jersey Shore’s resident nice guy turned pop culture icon, Vinny Guadagnino, is known for many things: his charming smile, his affinity for beautiful women, his “GYM TAN LAUNDRY” (GTL) routine, and his trademark “fist pumping”. And now America can heave a collective sigh of relief with the news that Vinny has returned to the Jersey Shore house after shockingly storming out allegedly “never to return again” on July 3rd 2011. Now we’re chomping at the bit for season 5 and can hardly wait to see just what could cause such drama with one of the Jersey Shore family’s least dramatic members! Speaking of family, everyone has an image in their head of the stereotypical big Italian family, but Vinny’s truly takes the cake with an unexpected twist. In addition to his boisterous human relatives, the loveable Vinny is the doting pet parent to a brood of four dogs, four cats, two parrots, two snakes and one ferret. And you thought the Jersey Shore house was a zoo!

When he’s not fist pumping at The Shore, Guadagnino is a diehard animal lover and dedicated animal rescue advocate, and general gentle spirit. When Vinny’s sister, a professional dog trainer let him know about an abandoned husky, Vinny stepped up and did the right thing. He adopted Alpha and showed him who’s boss.  Ironically, Alpha bears a likeness to the Situation, because, as Vinny puts it, “Alpha’s like a cocky kinda dog that always wants to get his way when he wants something he just takes it right away you know.”

Vinny and his canine cast mates

Vinny found his Sheppard mix, Xena, on a NC local adoption site, the dog had kind of spiky hair which reminded him of his buddy Pauly D. Vinny couldn’t resist and decided to do something about it; he took him home. Spiky hair aside, Xena is all woman – the only female dog in the Guadagnino family. “She’s the only girl so we had to give her a strong name, so we decided to name her after the warrior princess.” One of his other dogs; Dean, was found in a box along the highway in Staten Island. When he heard about it, he had to go check him out. Sure enough, Dean is also now a member of Vinny’s household. Dean reminded Vinny of himself, because he is laid back, and oversees everything that’s going on, but when he’s needed, he will definitely step into the action.


Outside of Jersey Shore, Vinny likes to take his bull dog Jelly for walks, because he’s a chick magnet. Jelly reminds Vinny of Snookie because “he sleeps all day and he likes pickles.” So when Jelly’s asleep, he’ll go running with his Husky Alpha. He also hangs with his cats Buster, Pepper, Cubby and Jay. And Vinny’s proactive, inspiring actions are not limited to the animal world. Guadagnino recently appeared in his very own “It Gets Better” video condemning bullying based on sexual orientation and extending his support to queer teens across the nation –a total class act!

No matter how you cut it, Vinny is an ethical paragon, and he is looking forward to expanding the platform of his message while his fame is expanding, “We actually just became famous like a year ago,” he offers, “so we are lining up with charities now and you know I would love to line up with a charity that helps rescue pitbulls or dogs that are just left on the street and that may have bad reputations. Anything to do with animals. My whole life I’ve been adopting animals, I’ve always told people that if they find an injured animal to bring it to me, my house is like a zoo anyway. So if I could do that on a larger scale now that I have a little bit of a platform I will.”

As for the perfect woman, Vinny is still looking? “If I can describe a woman in a breed of dog she’s be a mix between a Siberian husky cause of the nice eyes and a French poodle because of the confidence and hopefully she’d have a little bit of a French accent too.” He likes a girl who takes care of things, and carries herself with confidence. He adds, “If you’re looking for puppy love, you can find it at the Jersey Shore.”

So make like Vinny and adopt a pet today!

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