Haute Couture has Gone to the Dogs–Loretta Forer

Loretta Forer Designs Fashionable Animal Apparel

Haute Couture has Gone to the Dogs-- And Cats Too!

Dog-gone are the days when your favorite four-legged fashionistas were forced to wear drab outfits that had them yelping in fashion-faux-paw horror. With an array of vibrant and unique pet accessories ranging from metallic leather pet collars and leashes to colorful pet throw covers that would make you want to cuddle up right alongside your companion, HOT COOL DOG CAT (HCDC) by Loretta Forer caters to the most discerning of tastes. Also gone are the days when we had to hide the cat bed or dog lounger; they can now be displayed openly with a playful but sophisticated take on traditional futons with machine washable fabrics in a choice of colors designed with the stylish homeowner in mind.

Dismayed by the void in fashionable and hip apparel for the pet set, Forer – a former professional ballet dancer and interior designer – was inspired to create the first Haute Couture collection of designer pet apparel and accessories. “HCDC is different because I don’t just do ‘items’ …I do pieces that tell stories. We are the ultimate resource because we designed a collection that caters to both dogs and cats,” Forer reveals.

Forer has designed homes for celebrities like the late Gianni Versace, Cher, Sylvester Stallone and Sophia Loren, but fashion design was always where her main interests lay. “I did interior design for quite a few years but I wasn’t as happy as I was when I was doing fashion design. I wanted to go back to it but I wanted to take a different route. I began to shop around different pet boutiques and decided I was going to treat this as high fashion and design a collection that would be neat for households with both dogs and cats. We have to be really conscious of our pets and I made sure that nothing is too fussy or constricts their movement,” Forer shares.

HCDC is the clear choice for people who want their flair for style reflected in their pets. The collection features flirty and colorful skirts with coordinating halter-tops, silk party collars, and T-Nip (organic catnip styled aesthetically in colorful organza tea bags), items that are guaranteed to turn heads and have you and your pet stepping out in style.

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