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There Once Was a Very LUCKY Dog From Nantucket!

    Nantucket is a fabulous summertime spot, and is especially fun if you bring along your furry friend, sure to not cramp your style on this pet-friendly island.  Only 30 miles from Cape Cod, it’s a destination that has captured the hearts of countless vacationers, with its quaint shops, restaurants and galleries, beautiful beaches, and relaxed New England feel.  Remnants of the island’s past, replete with seamen, whales, and lore fortified by Herman Melville, endure on the quaint cobblestone streets.  Many of the stones…

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Dioji's bone shaped pool, is the perfect hot spot to cool off. Photos courtesy of Dioji.

Sunny Santa Barbara Beckons You And Your Pet!

Oceanside Santa Barbara is a California city with a unique climate compared to all other cities in the United States. Santa Barbara has been donned the exotic title, “American Riviera,” because its climate resembles that of the tropical regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the region ideal for wine making. But Santa Barbara’s wine is not the only attraction that draws countless tourists year-round. With over 70,000 dogs for the roughly 200,000 residents, Santa Barbara is about as pet-friendly as a city can get.…

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Planning Your Memorial Day Pet Vacation? Dogs Gone Wild!

  WHERE TO GO: Animals love the great outdoors, and spring is the perfect time to explore with your pet! If you have a big dog who loves to be active, head for the mountains and hit the trails, or visit one of the Great Lakes resorts and go for a swim. If you have a cat or smaller/less active dog, try a seaside destination or a pet-loving city like Portland or San Diego, both feature world-class pet boutiques and animal-friendly dining options. GETTING THERE:…

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Indigenous Embera Tribe children play with an adorable homeless dog!

Monkeying around with the natives in Panama!

Panama is passion. Pristine beauty. Palatial architecture. Panama is the place to experience a world of curiosity, a world of adventure and a world of absolute, natural beauty. As home of the Western Hemisphere’s largest rainforest outside of the Amazonian Basin, Panama is an undisturbed destination where true animal lovers and wildlife advocates can absorb endangered animals, breathtaking ecosystems and a salient culture – all at the front door of the native people. Upon landing at the Tocumen International Airport, where daily, direct flights from…

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Traveling Pets Go Green This Spring!

  Training Your Pet To Go Green When you take your pet into public, think safety—your pet’s and the public. Accidents are not green. Two places where we tend not to do the right thing: one is in cars (or on bicycles) and the other is in the park. How many people allow their pets to crawl around loose in the car or bicycle basket? Distracted driver accidents can injure or kill people and pets, require an enormous use of resources for repair (chemicals for…

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Lucky getting ready to fly a plane and help dogs!


  Canines may be land-dwelling animals, but that hasn’t stopped a group of devoted pilots from strapping on their seatbelts and taking to the skies! Author and pet-parent Patrick Regan was inspired to write his nonfiction volume, My Dog is My Co-Pilot, after a friend who volunteered his flight services told him about the organization’s mission. Pilots N Paws is dedicated to transporting animals from the deplorable conditions in some of America’s deadliest animal shelters and bringing them to happy, healthy homes. Founded in 2008…

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Traveling To New Heights With Your Furry Friend!

By Dylan Davis Taking a vacation with your pet requires a few precautions to ensure a safe and fun traveling experience. Remember these tips so your pets can have a tail-wagging fun vacation! 1. Fly the Pet-Friendly Skies! American Airlines and Sherpa have the Guaranteed on Board program. Continental Airlines is also one of the most pet friendly airlines.  Check with your airline before you reserve anything – policies differ for each. Also, make advanced arrangements. Just like Noah’s Ark, only two animals per plane! 2.…

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Lucky getting ready to fly a plane and help dogs!

Dear@Lucky Diamond – I’m A Dog About To Fly, Will The TSA Pat Me Down?

    If you have a doggy dilemma or  a confused cat looking for advice, don’t hesitate to ask @   Dear Lucky, I’m about to fly cross-country and haven’t been on a plane since the new TSA guidelines were established. I’m worried about getting through security. Can I bring all of my toys? Is there anything I shouldn’t pack? Will the TSA pat me down? – Anxious,  Olympia, WA   Dear Anxious, Calm down! Your owner should definitely check out the TSA…

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Port Authority trying to coax Byrdie

This Byrdie Won’t Fly!

Barking News:  Today at LaGuardia International Airport, a Delta flight flying to Memphis was delayed by something much sweeter than a weather delay.  Passengers were asked to be patient while the airport personnel chased down Byrdie, a 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, who escaped from the under carriage of the plane.  The team tried for several minutes to coax Byrdie to no avail.  After 15 minutes of failed attempts, they pulled the owner off the flight to collect Byrdie.  Byrdie ran right to her mother; puppy love…

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Pet Grade foods can be hurting your pet

Los Angeles Loves Animals

Culturally, Los Angeles, California is one of the most diverse areas in the United States. Within the boarders of Los Angeles, people from over 130 countries speak more than 200 languages, which led to the creation of diverse and historical enclaves in the minority-majority city. Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Armenia, Little India, Thai Town, and Little Ethiopia are just some of the ethnic enclaves of Los Angeles, but no area garners more attention to the Los Angeles tourist than Hollywood. Because Los Angeles is home to…

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