There Once Was a Very LUCKY Dog From Nantucket!

    Nantucket is a fabulous summertime spot, and is especially fun if you bring along your furry friend, sure to not cramp your style on this pet-friendly island.  Only 30 miles from Cape Cod, it’s a destination that has captured the hearts of countless vacationers, with its quaint shops, restaurants and galleries, beautiful beaches, and relaxed New England … [Read more...]

Sunny Santa Barbara Beckons You And Your Pet!

Dioji's bone shaped pool, is the perfect hot spot to cool off. Photos courtesy of Dioji.

Oceanside Santa Barbara is a California city with a unique climate compared to all other cities in the United States. Santa Barbara has been donned the exotic title, “American Riviera,” because its climate resembles that of the tropical regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the region ideal for wine making. But Santa Barbara’s wine is not the only attraction … [Read more...]

Pets Vacation Like Celebrities In The Hamptons This Summer!

Summer won't last forever! Get out there with your furry companion!

  If you’re planning a summer vacation on Eastern Long Island, look (and sniff) no further than the Hamptons! A summer retreat for many celebrities such as Howard Stern (don't miss America's Got Talent), Alec Baldwin and Billy Joel, now you can experience the lap of luxury, just like their pets! The Hamptons have a little something for everyone, including your furry … [Read more...]

Buckle Pup Up This Memorial Day Weekend! Pet Travel Safety Tips!


  Buckle up! It's Memorial Day weekend - and many pet parents will be hitting the open road with their pets! For pet-parents, the opportunity to take trips with their animals is especially appealing – but do you have everything you need to keep your pet happy and safe along the way? Many animals actually enjoy car trips, but others don’t always react well to the … [Read more...]

Planning Your Memorial Day Pet Vacation? Dogs Gone Wild!


  WHERE TO GO: Animals love the great outdoors, and spring is the perfect time to explore with your pet! If you have a big dog who loves to be active, head for the mountains and hit the trails, or visit one of the Great Lakes resorts and go for a swim. If you have a cat or smaller/less active dog, try a seaside destination or a pet-loving city like Portland or San … [Read more...]