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Dogues de Bordeaux

In Honor Of Bastille Day! A French Affair: The Dogue de Bordeaux

        The Bordeaux region of Southwestern France is well-known to travelers as a hot-spot for wine, architecture, and relaxing beach-front vacations, but what fewer people know is that this seaside paradise is also home to one of the world’s oldest dog breeds.   A port city on the Garonne River just north of Aquitaine, Bordeaux has some of the mildest winters in France and is home to over 100,000 acres of vineyards, making it an obvious destination for the work-weary. Bordeaux’s famed…

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Happy Bastille Day! It’s A Dog’s Life In St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: France

Travel With Your Pet For La “Bone” Vie!         St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is often considered the jewel of the French Riviera. The French say it’s “ecrin de verdure,” a very protected and beautiful place. Du Cap-Ferrat is the point at which the Alpes-Maritimes plunge into the sea below. Hidden beneath the Corniche, on the waters of the Mediterranean, nestles St-Jean village. A six mile road follows the circumference of the Cap leading down to St-Jean with views of early twentieth century villas among statuesque cypress trees and…

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Lebron James And Cane Corso Mastiff Moving Back To The Cleveland Cavaliers

  Perk up your ears, everyone, because there is big news for Cleveland! Lebron James just announced he’s going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers! He has been playing for the Miami Heat for four years, but there’s no doubt that this Ohio boy has a special spot in his heart for his home. Going with him will be his furry friend, King! The “big dog” in the basketball world is proud parent of an actual big dog, whom he got from famed Cane Corso breeder Scandifio. James has…

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Pet Travel! It’s A Ruff Life In Nantucket!

Winter pet travel blues?  Everything is packed, work is left at home, and a week of leisure lies ahead. But there’s just one last stop: bringing your poor pooch to the kennel where he is caged up for the next seven days, while you roam freer than ever. Feeling guilty yet? Dragging your dog to the kennel by the leash, and suffering a sad goodbye look as you embark on a fun filled vacation is no longer your only option. Many vacation hot spots acknowledge…

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Heavenly Puppy Hikes @ Red Mountain Resort In Utah

Every dog will be red with envy when they hear at the Dog Park about this Magical Destination in the Red Rock Mountains.   The spa’s backdrop is the Mojave Desert landscape – so note bring lots of water for you and your pup.  Situated on Fifty-five acres of black lava gardens and fragrant mesquite with stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. The Red Mountain Spa was awarded the Five Dog Bone Award for being pet friendly. Dogs can go everywhere at the resort, including…

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Hiking With Your Hound! Important Pet Safety Tips!

Are you ready to  take a hike in the fresh air, sunny skies and beautiful outdoors with your dog! Author Doug Gelbert is an expert on exploring the great outdoors with four-legged friends. With Gelbert’s comprehensive guides to the best dog-friendly parks, you and your dog won’t miss out on the chance to experience America’s majesty and natural splendor. Choosing a Trail Suitable for Two and Four Feet “It may seem obvious,” Gilbert says, “but first off, make sure dogs are allowed.” His main criteria…

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North Shore Tips For An Aspiring Hamptons Hound!

    The vineyards, beaches, and chic digs for debutante dogs When the clock strikes 4:00 on a summer Friday, you can be sure to hear some rustling from the next office as colleagues start packing up their things to head to the beach.  They may feign a late afternoon meeting, or illness even, but you can bet the bank that they are frantically applying sunblock and tying up their espadrilles the second their feet hit the pavement.  New York’s social set is famous for…

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Endangered Elephants in Thailand - Playing Polo to survive

Endangered Elephants: Playing Polo for a Better Life!

  In Thailand, the elephant is a culturally sacred animal and even featured on the provincial seal of the Surin province. Now an animal with such significance is living in squalor. This is mostly a modern consequence of an ancient tradition of Kui spirit men catching and training elephants for many tasks. These Kui spirit men are known as Khru Ba Yai and only five of these men are living today. One of them, Khru Meu, has actually caught a wild elephant using ancient methods.…

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There Once Was a Very LUCKY Dog From Nantucket!

    Nantucket is a fabulous summertime spot, and is especially fun if you bring along your furry friend, sure to not cramp your style on this pet-friendly island.  Only 30 miles from Cape Cod, it’s a destination that has captured the hearts of countless vacationers, with its quaint shops, restaurants and galleries, beautiful beaches, and relaxed New England feel.  Remnants of the island’s past, replete with seamen, whales, and lore fortified by Herman Melville, endure on the quaint cobblestone streets.  Many of the stones…

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Tippi hedren

Hitchcock’s Bodega Bay is a Haven For Animals!

Hitchcock’s heroine Tippi Hedren made Bodega Bay famous. Instead of being host to aggressive man-eating birds, it is known as a haven for animals, only a flap of a wing from Hedren’s Shambala Preserve. Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, one can never think of a flock of birds in the same way.  No longer beacons of peace and serenity, his infamous movie The Birds made fear of the feathered and winged creatures an epidemic.  It is the stuff of which nightmares are made.  The film was…

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