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World Cup Soccer Anyone? A Border Collie changed the meaning of Winning the World Pup!

Soccer Anyone? A Border Collie changed the meaning of Winning the World Cup! In honor of the start to the FIFA World Cup 2014 we want to share this touching story about a owner, his dog and their love for soccer. For a parent there is no greater fear than the thought of losing a child. For Mark Lukas that fear became a reality. On December 8, 2002, Mark’s son Zak and his friend set out on the Gulf of Mexico on Zak’s brand new jet…

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Maria Sharapova Is Top Dog At The French Open

      Top Dog Maria Sharapova defeated Simone Halep, winning her second French Open and fifth Grand Slam! Sharapova won the tennis dogfight at the Roland Gorros final match; 6-4, 6-7, 6-4.         Sharapova caused a racket in the United States after she exhibited her talent on the tennis court and impressed all. As the fifth youngest female to hold the number one spot and the first Russian to claim the number one ranking in the world, she continues to show…

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The Dish on Hero Dog Ricochet— From Service dog to SURF dog!

  Our dear friend Surf Dog Ricochet (who inspires the disabled to do the impossible ) just donated $10,000 to our Bark Business Tour to help Veterans with PTSD to receive service dogs…          Congratulations to Ricochet for winning 3rd place in the large dog heat, and 3rd place 3rd place in the tandem heat with K9 Kahunas Kona & Antonio at the 2013 Loews Surf Dog Competition- Unleashed by Petco this weekend! We got to chat with Judy Fridono, pet parent of SURFice…

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Serean plays with her dogs!

Love Is Serena’s Dogs and Winning The US Open!

    After Serena Williams won the French Open women’s title 6-4, 6-4 over Maria Sharapova!  History continues…Serena wins her 5th US Open Title and 17 Grand slam titles overall! This Tennis Superstar and Olympic Gold Medalist Serena Williams became only the second woman to achieve a Golden Slam, winning the most fabulous women’s final in Olympic history this summer by beating Maria Sharapova! She is on a roll! She conquered the world of tennis by winning her 5th Wimbledon Title in 3 sets! She…

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NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Champion Tony Stewart’s Chihuahua, Kayle, stands in the driver’s seat of his race car.

Fido In The Fast Lane: NASCAR’S Tony Stewart’s Puppy Love!

  Animal Fair’s sniffed out one lucky dog that enjoys driving in the fast lane – Kayle, a 6-pound Chihuahua. The pooch turned racecar driver is the pet of two-time NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Champion Tony Stewart. And Kayle is giving fans some competition in the ranking as Stewart’s number one fan since she travels to every race to cheer him on!     When Stewart is not busy on the track, the Columbus, IN native works with his foundation to improve the well-being of abused…

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Golden Olympian Michael Phelps with his golden girl, Megan Rossee!

A Pooch Perspective On Olympian Michael Phelps, His Medals And Model!

    Life is moving along swimmingly for Olympic gold record holder of all time, Michael Phelps! Not only did he win 18 gold medals, but he’s won the heart of golden girl model, Megan Rossee. They’ve been dating since January 2012, and kept their relationship fairly private until now! Phelps newly adopted Catahoula mix, Stella, and Bulldog, Herman have known about the winning couple since the beginning.  Rossee posted fun photos of Phelps with his two dogs on Instagram recently, and the media has…

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Horsing Around @ The Olympics!

Beezie Madden may be one of the most experienced showjumpers on the team, but she’ll face a unique challenge this year when she takes a new mount, Coral Reef Via Volo, to the London games. In her previous two Olympics, she rode her trusted horse Authentic, who was forced to retire following an injury in 2009. Because the bond between horse and rider is a crucial part of success in this sport, Beezie will have to rise to the occasion and really get to know…

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Michael Phelps and his Dog

18th Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps’ New Adopted Dog and Herman will Celebrate!

  WOOHOO! Michael Phelps won his 18th Gold and 21st Medal overall for the 100-meter butterfly at the London Olympic Games Friday! Superstar swimmer Michael Phelps got off to a rough start this Olympics, failing to medal for the first time ever in his breakout London swim; but yesterday he rocketed Team USA back to the top with his record-breaking 19th gold medal in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay – and we bet his success has something to do with the pets who support him, both…

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Fast Friends: Olympic Champion Usain Bolt Adopts Cheetah Cub for a Cause

    Tonight the fastest race in history begins with a roaring 100m shootout at the Olympic Games in London. USAIN BOLT, Jamaican born, 3-time Olympic and world champion sprinting athlete has used his successes to help bolster the animal rights causes in Kenya last year. In 2004, and 2007, he ran both the 100-meter, and the 200-meter faster than anyone in the world, and he is still taking the lead on supporting animal rights, and support for endangered species. Here he is pictured holding a…

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