Soothing Pet Sounds: Simple Classics Relax Your Canines

Calm your pooch down with a song

  It’s 11pm. You’re jonesing for sleep, but Fido won’t calm down. You’ve tried placing him in bed, stroking his fur, and talking to him softly, but his head is still filled with frantic thoughts of car rides, squirrel-chasing and that cute Bichon Frise he saw earlier. Before you slip tranquilizers into his Kibbles and Bits, there’s something else you should try: … [Read more...]

Nickelodeon’s Furtastic Big Time Rush Star, James Maslow Is Making Music for Dog’s Ears!

On Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush television show, James Maslow stars as  James Diamond - no relation to Baby Hope Diamond! He barks about his new puppy love, a one-year old Alaskan Klee Kai dog named Fox. The adorable pup was originally named for his foxy looks and cool-sounding name but James later realized it was doggy-destiny! “I named my older dog Falco, who passed away last … [Read more...]

Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Before 10 A.M. and their Animals…

Becky Johnston 9:20 am

    The words and photographs were taken by celebrity photographer Veronique Vial in her  book, Women Before 10 a.m., captures Hollywood's leading ladies and their pets lounging at home in the early morning hours.   Seen sleeping, snuggling, dressing, eating, bathing or just waking up are some of our favorite models, actors, artists and … [Read more...]

Josh Groban Croons about the Benefits of Canine Companionship

Josh Groban and his Best Friend Sweeney Strike a Pose

Multi-platinum recording artist, Josh Groban may best be known for his incredible musicianship, but his role in Crazy Stupid Love has proved that he has the acting chops and his extraordinary guest hosting on Live with Kelly certainly matches his tremendous voice. Of course, it came as no surprise to Wendy that underneath all of the talent was the heart of a doting pet parent. … [Read more...]

ASPCA Hosts The 17th Annual Bergh Ball Gala With Emcee Isaac Mizrahi!

Many charitable organizations rely on the support of celebrities and public figures to relay their message to the masses, and stars love the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®)! Each year, the humanitarian and animal-welfare organization holds several star-studded events to supplement their daily programming, which helps disenfranchised … [Read more...]