Soothing Pet Sounds: Simple Classics Relax Your Canines

Calm your pooch down with a song

  It’s 11pm. You’re jonesing for sleep, but Fido won’t calm down. You’ve tried placing him in bed, stroking his fur, and talking to him softly, but his head is still filled with frantic thoughts of car rides, squirrel-chasing and that cute Bichon Frise he saw earlier. Before you slip tranquilizers into his Kibbles and Bits, there’s something else you should try: … [Read more...]

HAPPY GAY PRIDE! Dogs Love Unconditionally! Dogs Don’t Discriminate!

      Dogs Love Unconditionally! In 2011 - Marriage Equality in New York state was officially a reality, and it’s here to stay! So grab your closest same-sex soulmate, give them a smooch, and tuck into a great read! In Woof! A Gay Man’s Guide to Dogs, author Andrew DePrisco lightheartedly examines the different personality types of gay men and … [Read more...]

Hitchcock’s Bodega Bay is a Haven For Animals!

Tippi hedren

Hitchcock's heroine Tippi Hedren made Bodega Bay famous. Instead of being host to aggressive man-eating birds, it is known as a haven for animals, only a flap of a wing from Hedren's Shambala Preserve. Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, one can never think of a flock of birds in the same way.  No longer beacons of peace and serenity, his infamous movie The Birds made fear of … [Read more...]

SNL’s Seth Meyers And His Dog Frisbee Are Up Late Night!

Animal Fair couldn’t be more excited for Seth Meyers, for he is such a nice and down to earth guy. Seth Meyers, longtime head writer on “Saturday Night Live” and host of its “Weekend Update” segment, successfully succeeded Jimmy Fallon at the 12:35 a.m. Late Night show. Fallon moved up one hour to take over Leno’s “Tonight Show” ! ALL women can agree on one of two things: we … [Read more...]