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Von Zitzewitz combines a sharp sense of fashion with a love of the wild

Photographer Vanessa von Zitzewitz Captures Animal Images While Saving Lives!

Vanessa von Zitzewitz never considered becoming a photographer until she studied graphic design at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she took a photography course to gain credits. Her teacher was enthused by her work and pushed her to be more visually creative. At twenty-six years old, Vanessa got a call from Cartier America and was asked if she was interested in taking photographs for a book titled, Untamed. Cartier is famous for its campaigns with animals and this stunning book was…

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sunglasses sun cute

It’s A Beautiful Sunny Day! Don’t Forget Your Pup’s Sunglasses!

  Summer is here! You know what that means, new shades for you and your pooch! South African born photographer Mia Feinstein has been photographing dogs since she was 11-years-old. Her first pooch subject was her own dog, Gucci. Currently based out of London, Feinstein clients include A-list celebrities with their pampered pups, besides donating her talent to organizations such as the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and the Retired Greyhound Trust. In a visually entertaining and clever book titled; Pooches In Shades, Feinstein combines her love…

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A bride poses with her well-behaved pooch

I Do’s & Don’ts When Taking Wedding Photos With Your Pet!

Many pet parents know that their most difficult hurdle is not house training the new puppy, nor is it teaching the cat that sofas aren’t scratching posts: it’s getting their furry and feathered friends to pose for the camera. Living with a non-photogenic pet is just an unfortunate reality most of the time, but it can turn a pet-inclusive wedding into a shutterbug’s nightmare. Fortunately, Bella Pictures has some tips that could save the day. This innovative company uses its wedding photojournalism expertise to reflect the…

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Becky Johnston 9:20 am

Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Before 10 A.M. and their Animals…

    The words and photographs were taken by celebrity photographer Veronique Vial in her  book, Women Before 10 a.m., captures Hollywood’s leading ladies and their pets lounging at home in the early morning hours.   Seen sleeping, snuggling, dressing, eating, bathing or just waking up are some of our favorite models, actors, artists and celebrities and, of course, their dogs – all before their 10a.m. workouts. To see, really see, a woman, before 10 a.m…. I’d like to adjust the mound of duvet before…

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Jim Dratfield captures Jennifer Aniston and her dog

Celebrity Petography Photographer Captures The Soul of His Pet Subjects

Jim Dratfield is the artistic mastermind behind the successful fine art animal photography studio, Petography. But, Dratfield really can’t take all the credit for his photography creation. His beloved and late dog Kuma was the initial inspiration and muse for Dratfield’s classic pet photography that has lead to hundreds of other animals immortalized through distinctive and characteristically true photos. Jim Dratfield captures the essence, soul and uniqueness of each animal subject he shoots. His lists of clients represent the Who’s Who of the pet-loving celebrity…

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Celebrate The Chinese New Year WIth The Wild Horses of Sable Island

    Chinese New Year is celebrated by billions of people throughout several countries in Southeast Asia including; China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Chinatowns and Asian homes globally! Festivities often last for 15 days and close with the Lantern Festival. The Chinese New Year 2014 starts today, January 31st, and we welcome the Year of the Wood Horse! Check out more about what the Chinese New Year right here: 2014 Year of the Wood Horse. We are featuring Roberto Dutesco’s Photo Gallery honoring the Year…

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Focus! How To Photogragh Great Wildlife Shots!

    Perhaps one of the most thrilling uses of cameras is to photograph wildlife.  The excitement and serendipity that interact when snapping shots of a macaw in flight, for example, can truly mesmerize. However, for those who have never done it before and do not have the equipment (let alone know what equipment they need), it is easy to miss out on the opportunity.     One photographer, Jeff Cremer, runs an incredible program—“Rainforest Expeditions” (—in Peru that brings travelers on a photo tour…

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Fabrizzio Ferrina captures Sting with his wolfhound

Rainforest Advocate Sting & Photographer Fabrizio Ferri Dance With Wolves

World renowned Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferri applied his vision as a photographer and entrepreneur at a young age when he started his career as a young political affairs photographer in Milan. He ambitiously progressed to shooting fashion for some of most prestigious magazines globally including Vogue in the 1970’s and this inspired him to uniquely create a photography style coined “fashion portrait”. In 1983, he remarkably established, Industria Superstudio in Milan, 3,000 square meters of photography studios and went on to open The Industria Superstudio…

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Seeing the Pet Light With Memphis Photographer Jack Kenner

To call Jack Kenner a “pet photographer” would be like calling Jerry Seinfeld a sitcom actor—it’s true, but there is a lot more to the story. The Memphis native majored in film production in college and then studied photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. He worked as a commercial photographer in New York and Miami and also worked with legendary SFX guru Pete Turner on many projects. All along though, he was shooting animals. “I just like animals more,” says Jack. “I mean…

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Photograph courtesy of Brian Nice

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Barks!

  Fashion and beauty photographer Brian Nice knows that a person’s love for their dog is something that needs to be seen and not read. By combining two of America’s biggest obsessions, animals and celebrities, Brian gives a candid look at stars like Brooke Shields and Tommy Hilfiger with their beloved dogs in his book of photographs, Rescue Tails: Portraits of Dogs and Their Celebrities from Simon & Schuster. Showing that Nice is more than just a last name, Brian is making sure all of…

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