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The Canine Cubicle: Sneaking Your Dog To Work on Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is June 20th, and you know that that means…National Take Your Dog to Work Day is here! Started in 1996 by Pet Sitters International in an effort to raise awareness about the issues facing animals and to promote adoption, Take Your Dog to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to show off your animal side at the office! Baby Hope Diamond is no stranger to the office, in fact she’s worked more than any dog out there!; she’s been working almost every day of her…

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Tribute To The Dogs Who Really Work For A Living!

Dogs are not just cute – they also save lives, race, model, and act. They have jobs just like we do, even though they don’t need the money. From pulling people out of fires to pulling a sled, they work hard and deserve recognition. US fire fighters are well-known for training Dalmatians. Tough jobs call for tough dogs, like a breed that is not afraid of fire. A firehouse dog is not just a pet. The Dalmatian has been used throughout history, for locating people…

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Mother’s Day Tribute To Dog Motherhood Featuring Wendy Diamond!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we  should never forget all those who are dog mothers! I’m featured in the best selling book; The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide To Enjoying Wealth and Power by Carol Pepper and my funny dear old friend Camilla Webster (St. Martin’s Press). I’m a proud mother to my Russian Blue Cat; Pasha and  funny lil’ Coton De Tulear; Baby Hope-   Fortunately (for me) I adopted both. Nothing gives me more joy then to know they have…

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Shark Tank's Daymond John isa puppy dog:)

Tonight! ON @CNBCPrimeTime @ABCSharkTank – @DaymondJohn Discusses Working Like A Dog..

Daymond John is an American businessman, author, spokesperson, fashion designer and TV personality. Most notably, Daymond is the Founder and CEO of FUBU and is an expert on marketing and creating revenue streams for new businesses. Currently, Daymond stars on the reality TV show Shark Tank, airing on ABC as one of the five “sharks” or reality investors who listen to business proposals pitched by entrepreneurs and decide whether or not to invest in their businesses. As a multi-millionaire business success-story, Daymond has written two…

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Tail Wagging Tips For Pets In The Workplace!

  Dogs have perfected the art of making us feel guilty whenever we leave for work, which only makes it harder to give up spending a day with our loving companion animals in favor of slaving away at the office for another eight hours. Take Your Dog To Work Day teaches thousands of employers what pet parents already know: having pets around makes everything less stressful and much more fun. The first seven Take Your Dog to Work Days have seen the added bonus of…

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What's in your Dog's bowl?

Bone Appetite – Alireza Niroomand’s Gourmet “Do(g-fo)oD”

  Thanks  to DooD Dog Food for sending Baby Hope some of their gourmet pet meals ! DooD follows the basic philosophy that dogs are family members and deserve the same love and attention as their human counterparts – so why should their daily meals be an exception? Dood’s dog food is all-natural, totally free of artificial flavors, additives, by-products, or fillers! Yummy! They offer a range of dishes, but Baby has the good fortune of sampling their USDA-certified all-natural chicken — a healthy, vitamin…

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Top Five Back to School Pet Carriers!

No pet likes to be left at home alone, but it’s hard to find carriers that are both functional and fashionable. Thankfully, we’ve discovered several companies dedicated to solving our canine-carrier crisis. If you’re on the market for a new bag (and what trendy pet-parent isn’t?), try one of Animal Fair’s top five favorites!   1. STURDIEST – Tumi Pet Carrier — $495   Some things are just to important to misplace, and with today’s many travel complications, it’s all too easy to lose a crucial…

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What's That Stink?

Ready, Set, Scoop – Pooper Scooper Convention

Ready, Set, Scoop   It’s that time of year again, the time when we give due credit to an underdog industry and celebrate the unsung heroes who keep our shoes and sidewalks stink-free. The 10th Annual, October 12-14 at The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV will be the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) will hold its 10th annual Pooper Scooper Convention. APaws focuses on providing education about the animal waste industry, specifically for the over 800—and growing—professional pooper scoopers cleaning up curbs around the country.…

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TGIF! The Scoop on Dog Poop! LOL

      The Scoop on the Pooper Scooper It May Not Be the Most Fabulous Job, But its Got to Get Done   Because scooping poop is one of the least glamorous jobs a pet parent must do, it is important to reduce the actual scooping time so you have more time for the, you know, glamorous stuff. But when faced with such a variety of scoopers, a pet parent can get down in the dumps when deciding which one is right for them.…

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Will Danica Patrick Make Daytona 500 History Today As The First Female Alpha Dog?

  Danica Patrick might make history today as the first feline to win the Daytona 500! She’s already the  the first woman to win the pole position for the 55th Daytona 500, considered the Super Bowl of NASCAR, which positions her in the front row for the big race! Actor James Franco will tell drivers to “Start their engines!”, at 1:18pm today and the race will begin at 1:30pm, airing on Fox! Animal Fair Media wants to wish the 28 injured from the horrible crash…

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