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Beautiful Places For Your Pet To Rest In Peace….

  Princess Lwoff-Parlaghy layed to rest her lion named Goldfleck, rescued from the Ringling Brothers Circus, in the Hartsdale Canine Cemetery in 1912.  1920’s Celebrity, Irene Castle, buried Rastus, her pet monkey, on this ground.  Mariah Carey interred her cat, Clarence in March 1997 and Doberman, Princess in December 1998, and now our very own beloved pet icon Lucky Diamond June 2012 will be at rest within this peaceful sanctuary.  Thousands more beloved dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even turtles, are buried at the oldest…

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Fabrizzio Ferrina captures Sting with his wolfhound

Rainforest Advocate Sting & Photographer Fabrizio Ferri Dance With Wolves

World renowned Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferri applied his vision as a photographer and entrepreneur at a young age when he started his career as a young political affairs photographer in Milan. He ambitiously progressed to shooting fashion for some of most prestigious magazines globally including Vogue in the 1970’s and this inspired him to uniquely create a photography style coined “fashion portrait”. In 1983, he remarkably established, Industria Superstudio in Milan, 3,000 square meters of photography studios and went on to open The Industria Superstudio…

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Roz Rustigan , Founder of CVIC

Protecting Our Pets From an Electrifying Danger

Walking a dog can be seen as a relaxing, safe and enjoyable activity for a pet parent or friend to share with their canine companion. However, for 8-month-old Luna and her owner, such a tranquil activity turned into a horrific and unforeseen event earlier this year. While taking her daily walk in Providence, Rhode Island, Luna stepped on a manhole cover and died suddenly from electrocution, which was caused by an issue known as contact voltage. According to the Contact Voltage Information Center (CVIC), neglected…

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Wendy and Lucky Diamond, Animal Fair's inspiration.

Tips on coping with Pet Loss

Our very own beloved pet icon Lucky Diamond passed away on June 5, 2012 – she will never be forgotten.  RIP   It may be endlessly difficult for many people to understand the unique relationship many of us have with our pets.  They are our children, and in that way are irreplaceable.  This theme tends to rise in the sad times when our pet’s health begins to waver.  Over the past twelve years, I have helped thousands of people in the throes of pet sickness…

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Wendy has traveled the world to help animals!

In Honor Of @luckydiamond – A Dog’s Bucket List!

A Dog’s Bucket List – everyday living we should cherish..       The phrase “bucket list” gets thrown around a lot these days, but few actually take the time to draft a list of their own, or to help out with someone else’s. It’s understandable; the idea is bittersweet, to say the least, and few are comfortable with devoting so much thought to the big, mysterious end. But we all want our loved ones to get a chance to live life to the fullest,…

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Literary Genius Gore Vidal and Lucky

American Author and Playwright Gore Vidal Dies at age 86

American Author and Playwright Gore Vidal Dies at age 86   Celebrated author, playwright, and political commentator Gore Vidal had been sick for “some time” according to inside sources, and has now joined our dear Lucky after his unexpected passing yesterday in Los Angeles.   The author of several plays and novels, including Tony Award-nominated “The Best Man” and best-sellers “Lincoln” and “Myra Breckenridge,” Vidal was well-known as one of America’s most prominent thinkers and writers, the last of a generation of true celebrity authors…

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Todd Lynn and Patrice Oneal Get Lucky!

RIP Animal Loving Comedian Todd Lynn

    “RIP Todd Lynn”     It is with great regret that we acknowledge the death of a brilliant comedian, Todd Lynn.  He passed away on January 27 in the wake of two strokes and a heart attack.  His health complications had always made his path a harder one, having lived with both pancreatic cancer and diabetes. Lynn is one of the true greats, cerebral in ways people hadn’t even realized.  Not only did his comic genius land him forever in the video reels…

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Glenn Plaskin and Katie

Opening Your Heart Opens Many Doors: Q&A with Glenn Plaskin

We sat down with acclaimed author and celebrity interviewer, Glenn Plaskin, to pick his brain about his newest, heart-felt book; Kate Up and Down the Hall.  Raising a puppy was a new and untried adventure for the journalist.  When Katie, a rescued Cocker Spaniel, came into Glenn’s life he did what any New Yorker would do; seek neighborly advice! This is where the real story begins and develops. A story focused on family, love and companionship. This heartwarming “tail” depicts in the most delightful way…

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Shanana Clifton

Your Name: Bradley Clifton and Laura Findley Pets Name: Shanana Clifton Email: Zip Code: 41075 Our Beloved princess, Shanana, passed away on December 30, 2009. She is survived by her loving parents, Bradley and Laura as well as her grandma Lois, Uncle Jared, and Aunt Emerald. Shanana brought great joy to the lives of Bradley and Laura. Her daddy’s chest will be cold forever without the warmth of her body every night. Mommy will forever miss their special bath time bonding. Save a box…

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