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Thailand: The Wonders of Buddha’s Animal Kingdom

  Buddhism and animals – Thailand   Enchanting Thailand consists of over 40,000 temples (Wats) and 95% of the population practices Buddhism. Buddhists believe in respecting and loving every living creature, which is a tenent that any animal lover can get behind! They also believe in reincarnation, and that many of us were once animals in a past life. Thai Buddhists see human and non-human animals as closely related, with both having a Buddha-nature and the possibility of becoming perfectly enlightened. They also believe that the soul…

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Don’t Forget Your Umbrella! “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs” !

Sure, we’ve all heard the famous expression, but does anyone really know where this silly saying got its start? Wendy and the team have hit the books and have come up with a few possible answers to this cat and canine conundrum. From the interesting, to the silly, to the strange and even grotesque, the origins of this popular phrase will definitely make you feel glad that you brought your umbrella! Explanation 1: The Medieval Slip and Slide The most common theory suggests that in…

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Cats Gone Wild: The Truth About Catnip

We all know that cats go crazy for catnip. It comes fresh, dried, in pellets, and even in sprays and oils, and it seems to be the ubiquitous star of all feline fantasies. And while most pet parents are familiar with this completely legal kitty narcotic, the truth behind catnip is a bit more complex than your feline’s lazy-eyed, drooling face may lead you to believe. Catnip most commonly refers to the Nepeta Cataria plant, but the term can be used to describe any member…

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Need a Weather Update? Just Tune In to Your Pet!

  Just Tune In To Your Pet…The Natural Barometer The weather has always played a significant role in our everyday lives. It’s the deciding factor of whether we go out or remain indoors. For the gardener, it will signal whether he or she mows the lawn or hibernates in the greenhouse; for the sportsperson, whether to train in the gym or embark on a five-mile outdoor jog; and for those of the animal kingdom, whether to find shelter or laze in the outdoors. Since time…

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Don't hit Rudolph-The-Red-nosed-Reindeer!

Holiday Myth! Rudolph The Red-Nosed Caribou?

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Caribou? What some seasonal enthusiasts might not realize when singing the holiday classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is that the caribou and reindeer are the same species. Ole’ Saint Nick knew exactly what he was doing when choosing the reindeer; they are the domesticated variety of caribou and easily herded by elves and used for pulling sleighs long distances. As always location is everything, reindeers are found conveniently close to Santa’s North Pole workshop, primarily in Scandinavia, Siberia, Canada and Alaska. The…

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Do You Believe Cats Have Nine Lives? Animal Superstitions….

  Are you superstitious? Do you accept that the behavior or antics of certain animals as symptomatic of an impending event? Do you believe that a cat has nine lives; that cows can forecast bad weather by licking at the trees and if a robin redbreast were to enter into your home then it would bring with it some bad news?  Whether you believe in superstitions or regard them simply as a collection of nonsensical trivia, they exist throughout the world and have done since…

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Leopard  cat Scratching Post


On Behalf of the 88 million cats in the United States – please read:) Cats are usually considered to be relatively low-maintenance pets, but there is one issue that confounds feline-friendly families everywhere – relentless, sometimes inexplicable scratching. Some cat parents look to declawing to solve the problem, but few people realize that what seems like a harmless cosmetic procedure is actually a traumatic, invasive surgery that can have serious physical, emotional, and behavioral consequences for cats (for more information about declawing, see our article). Instead…

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Cat Scratch 101: How to Have Harmony in the Home while Keeping the Claws

With 88 million cats taking advantage of the way we humans find them absolutely irresistible, Americans are no strangers to the odd shredded couch cushion, torn drapery, or ruined carpet. The fact of the matter is: Cat’s scratch. Sometimes it may feel like they scratch to spite us, but in truth scratching is a natural, healthy practice for felines who, even after over 7000 years of domestication, have not physically evolved much since their days in the wild. Pasha Diamond, Wendy’s rescued Russian Blue, is…

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Pets and their Kids

What Breed of Dog Matches your Child’s Personality?

Pair your child with the best pooch based on their personalities. In his book “The Modern Dog,” renowned psychologist and dog expert Stanley Coren states, “Pets provide children the opportunity to learn about, practice and become interested in nurturing living things.” That said, every child and breed have distinct personalities, and so certain breeds are right (and wrong) for certain children. According to Coren, “Generally speaking, small companion dogs, such as Pomeranians, pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, work well with all children as they’re…

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A cat-alog of curious feline-related expressions.

The Cats Out Of The Bag – A “Cat”-alog Of Phrases

There are many times when you come across expressions that in some way relate to our feline friends. But what do they mean and where did they originate? Listed below are just a few phrases inspired by the unpredictable personality traits of the curious cat. Don’t let the cat out of the bag!  This is one of the oldest expressions in the English language with references to it being used when medieval open-air markets would draw in people from outlying settlements to replenish food supplies. On…

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