Chemotherapy for pets – is it an option?


  Chemotherapy is one of the four major therapies for cancer--the three others being surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy. During most of the consults that we do, chemotherapy is discussed. The looks I get when I recommend chemotherapy for people's pets can range from unbelief to fright. The first thing that I do is immediately tell owners that chemotherapy is … [Read more...]

Could Your Easter Celebration Make Your Pet Sick?

easter funny dog

  Easter and the spring season are a time for celebrating new life. Traditions include egg hunting, decorating, and feasting, especially on chocolates and candies. While these are all great ways to celebrate the holiday, they each pose potential threats for your furry friend. Chocolate candies, decorative plants, and Easter eggs all harbor a probability for toxicity. … [Read more...]

Chemotherapy Treatment for Dogs – Is There Hope?

There is hope for dogs with cancer!

    The Ruff Choices Pet Parents Must Make When Their Pet Has Cancer       More and more often these days, dogs are considered true members of the family - and for good reason. But while we (and our pets) most certainly consider this is a wonderful development, all that love and connection has one clear downside: all pets’ lives … [Read more...]

Happy Passover! Kosher Foods Your Pets Should Passover!

    The Jewish tradition of Passover starts from sundown April 14th and lasts until sundown April 22nd, 2014.  This is an eight-day spring celebration representing the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.  The eating of unleavened bread during Passover is observed, and honors when the Israelites left Egypt. Jews do not eat – or keep in their … [Read more...]

The Chicken, the Egg, and the Rabbit: Which Comes First on My Food Energy List?

  As Easter approaches, our thoughts turn to baby chicks, egg hunts, and chocolate rabbits, all of which create happy thoughts for people and potential health hazardous for our pets. Baby chicks can spread bacterial organisms (Salmonella, etc.) to both people and pets. Taking your dog along for Easter egg hunts may lead to dietary indiscretion and subsequent … [Read more...]