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Chemotherapy for pets – is it an option?

  Chemotherapy is one of the four major therapies for cancer–the three others being surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy. During most of the consults that we do, chemotherapy is discussed. The looks I get when I recommend chemotherapy for people’s pets can range from unbelief to fright. The first thing that I do is immediately tell owners that chemotherapy is handled much better by dogs and cats than it is by people. Although cancers are similar among dogs, cats, and people, the therapies affect them differently.…

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Hope for less animals in shelters!

We have HOPE! Spay and Neutering without surgery!

In today’s society, there are many unwanted cats and dogs. Many of these animals live on the streets, fending for themselves and many others are simply put to death. 3-5 million cats and dogs die in shelters each year. If there was a way to control their population, then this could be prevented. ACC&D is an organization determined to use nonsurgical means to sterilize cats and dogs. Their website proclaims, “Non-surgical sterilants have enormous potential for curbing pet overpopulation in the U.S. and around the…

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Rodent Rules for Summer: Small Pet Precautions for Your Furball Friends

Living in a New York apartment, in a private house, usually comes with some strict regulations from neat freak landlords, which isn’t a good thing for an animal loving family like mine. Having moved around a lot as a youngster, I often heard, a landlord’s favorite line, “No dogs allowed!” But we needed something to fill the gap in our pet-less home and our empty laps, so we became the proud lovers of the small pet population, full of guniea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits.…

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An Apple A Day Will Keep The Vet Away!

  Okay, I know my dog can’t try cider, but what about an apple?  It’s so hard to resist those envious puppy eyes. Apples and Dogs! A Lucky Match!   The Risks!  Didn’t mean to scare you.  If your dog swallows a few seeds, his body will detoxify itself.  But, if your dog ingests large quantities of apple seeds, it can cause major damage!  Why?  Apple seeds contain amygdlin, a form of cyanide, which is extremely dangerous, as it prevents the blood from carrying oxygen throughout the body. So, if you’re going to give your dog apples, core the…

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What Do You Do If Your Significant Other is Allergic to Your Dog? Ask Wendy!

How many times have you heard, “It’s me or the dog?” Don’t worry – many people are allergic to their significant other’s pet, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of either love of your life. Dander is the enemy, not your relationship. If you are thinking of getting a dog, consider these hypoallergenic dog breeds: Curly-Haired and Corded Breeds Poodles, Pulik, Komondorak, Irish Water Spaniels, Bichon Frises and Portuguese Water Dogs’ coats shed infrequently. These cute fur balls don’t spread around much…

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OMM Yoga or Doga anyone?

Animals, Yoga And OHM In Brazil!

    Working like a dog is an expression I can definitely relate to – sometimes more than I would like.  The practice of yoga has kept me centered and at peace during my work day and when taking care of my two adorable pets, Pasha & Baby Hope. It would figure that the exercise I love so much is based on animals! Recently I visited Body and Soul Adventures in Rio de Janeiro to learn all about the history and culture of yoga. If…

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Golden retriever checking fire hydrant.

Fire Hydrants and Dogs! The Facts about Territorial Marking!

The scene is a familiar one: a dog approaches a hydrant, sniffs it, lifts his leg and … well you get the idea. While not exclusive to dogs, territorial marking is certainly one of the behaviors most commonly associated with them. The behavior usually consists of a dog depositing small traces of urine on a particular space, area, or object to claim ownership. It’s also employed to express sexual availability and to establish hierarchy. Although both canine genders are capable of this behavior, female dogs…

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Lawn And Garden Care Products Can Cause Canine Cancer!

  The Grass May Not Be As Green As It Seems…   These days, lawn and garden care products are increasingly popular, helping to preserve our lawns’ health and green sheen appearance. Many products do offer a variety of benefits to your lawn and your garden, but the chemicals responsible for these benefits are also responsible for a number of extreme health detriments, for both you andespecially your pet. Your pet’s chances of acquiring both bladder cancer and lymphoma dramatically increase if your pet is…

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Doggie Dementia – Let’s Not Forget About Our Pets!

Ways to Prevent Memory Loss in Your Pooch Like children, our pets grow up so fast and as their loving parents, it is up to us to ensure that their golden years are some of their best years, free from the maladies and restrictions that develop from inadequate care. Many parents falsely attribute extreme behavioral changes to aging when these problems can be associated with a more serious, mentally devastating condition. Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) is a disease similar to the effects of Alzheimer’s in…

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Celebrate #WorldOceansDay Today!

Why we should celebrate our Oceans today and everyday? The world’s ocean: Generates most of the oxygen we breathe Helps feed us Regulates our climate Cleans the water we drink Offers us a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines Provides limitless inspiration! Did you know that 884 million people worldwide live without access to clean water? That’s about three times the population of the United States! Thankfully, organizations and initiatives like Oceana, No Water – No Life, and, World Oceans Day are trying to preserve the Earth’s…

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