Chemotherapy for pets – is it an option?


  Chemotherapy is one of the four major therapies for cancer--the three others being surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy. During most of the consults that we do, chemotherapy is discussed. The looks I get when I recommend chemotherapy for people's pets can range from unbelief to fright. The first thing that I do is immediately tell owners that chemotherapy is … [Read more...]

We have HOPE! Spay and Neutering without surgery!

Hope for less animals in shelters!

In today’s society, there are many unwanted cats and dogs. Many of these animals live on the streets, fending for themselves and many others are simply put to death. 3-5 million cats and dogs die in shelters each year. If there was a way to control their population, then this could be prevented. ACC&D is an organization determined to use nonsurgical means to sterilize cats … [Read more...]

Rodent Rules for Summer: Small Pet Precautions for Your Furball Friends


Living in a New York apartment, in a private house, usually comes with some strict regulations from neat freak landlords, which isn’t a good thing for an animal loving family like mine. Having moved around a lot as a youngster, I often heard, a landlord’s favorite line, “No dogs allowed!” But we needed something to fill the gap in our pet-less home and our empty laps, so we … [Read more...]

An Apple A Day Will Keep The Vet Away!


  Okay, I know my dog can’t try cider, but what about an apple?  It’s so hard to resist those envious puppy eyes. Apples and Dogs! A Lucky Match!   The Risks!  Didn’t mean to scare you.  If your dog swallows a few seeds, his body will detoxify itself.  But, if your dog ingests large quantities of apple seeds, it can cause major damage!  Why?  Apple seeds … [Read more...]

What Do You Do If Your Significant Other is Allergic to Your Dog? Ask Wendy!


How many times have you heard, “It’s me or the dog?” Don’t worry - many people are allergic to their significant other’s pet, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of either love of your life. Dander is the enemy, not your relationship. If you are thinking of getting a dog, consider these hypoallergenic dog breeds: Curly-Haired and Corded Breeds Poodles, Pulik, … [Read more...]