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Olga Groomer

PAWDICURE – Tips On Grooming Senior Pets

When you have a geriatric dog, it can be difficult to keep them looking their best, but Madison, NJ Elite Pet Spa & Boutique owner Olga Zablinskaya has great tips to keep your pet looking great at any age! Zablinskaya is a Certified Master Groom and 2008 GroomTeam USA member, often styling competitors for the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club and Eukanuba Dog Shows. Her pet spa also offers relaxing treatments like mud wraps and all-natural hair coloring services, so you can keep your pet looking…

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Dog weddings are on the rise, and not just in Hollywood!

Tips On Including Your Pets In Your Wedding March

  Walking down the aisle isn’t just for people anymore. More and more dog lovers, including celebrities like singer Carrie Underwood, rock star Gavin Rossdale, actress Tori Spelling, and Dylan Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s daughter and Candy Bar fame) are including their dogs in the most romantic day of their lives. If you’ve been lucky in love and you can’t bear to leave your favorite pooch out the excitement, why not include him or her in your wedding? If your dog is a natural around people…

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maltese cute

Wipe Dry and Say Goodbye to Your Dog’s Tear Stains

Tear staining in dogs and especially small breeds is common and treatable when the right product is used. The first step in treating tear stains is to determine the source of them, because they may be easily corrected with changing your dog’s diet. Some dogs may need a veterinarian to determine the source. Other causes involve bacteria and yeast infections which require prescription medication from your veterinarian. Dr. Gayle McHugh, a Virginia Beach, VA veterinarian, recommends “Diamond Eyes”, a commercial product or club soda.  She…

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Leopard  cat Scratching Post


On Behalf of the 88 million cats in the United States – please read:) Cats are usually considered to be relatively low-maintenance pets, but there is one issue that confounds feline-friendly families everywhere – relentless, sometimes inexplicable scratching. Some cat parents look to declawing to solve the problem, but few people realize that what seems like a harmless cosmetic procedure is actually a traumatic, invasive surgery that can have serious physical, emotional, and behavioral consequences for cats (for more information about declawing, see our article). Instead…

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How to create a Pet Friendly Home!

Tips On How to Create A Pet-Friendly Home!

  Your pet isn’t just a furry four-legged animal that hangs out in your house.  They’re part of the family and it’s important to make sure your home is a safe and comfortable place to be.  It’s easy to customize every room in your home for your pet that will protect them from potentially health causing dangers that won’t cramp your personal style.  From specialty sheets to picking the right plants to keep in your home, these easy and affordable tips will make you the…

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Great Britain’s William – The Prince Of Petiquette

  Meet William Hanson, the 22-year-old who is rapidly being recognized as the UK’s (and international) youngest authority on etiquette. Hanson has worked with some of Britain’s leading brands, including the National Lottery, easyGroup, Fox’s Biscuits, and Elizabeth Shaw Chocolatiers. It’s refreshing that Hanson understands “good manners and etiquette, which are based on common sense, should be universal.” He strives to incorporate their proper use in the 21st century, helping everyone become more aware of how they conduct their lives, and in turn how it…

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Funny dog hair do image

Furtastic Photo Of The Day! Who does this remind you of?

  Thank you Kim from NYC for sending this photo!  You will receive a signed copy of Wendy Diamond’s best selling book  It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living (Random House) for making us smile! If anyone has a furtastic photo please submit to with Furtastic in the subject line for your chance to be featured and receive a special gift!   Pin It

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AF_SUM_04_P68_relationships_The Harry Bowtie Collar

Here Comes the Bride – With Fido By Her Side!

With the wedding season in full swing this summer, Animal Fair went to the experts to find out how couples can include a very special family member, who is often overlooked, in their wedding celebration. Modern Bride Magazine provided insight on why more couples are welcoming canine pals into their bridal party and share essential tips on how to incorporate Fido in your nuptials without ending up in the doghouse! AF: Why would a bride and groom choose to include their dog  when they say…

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Horse Care – A Labor of Love

When my friend invited me to stay at her house in the country I had some lovely visions of nice long country walks and cosy pub lunches. Unfortunately, the reality of the weekend was quite different! My friend was keen to get my daughter into horses so she decided to kick-start the weekend with a hands-on trip to the stables. I hadn’t realised how much work and maintenance horses took, so this trip was a real education.   One of my friend’s horses was due…

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Cleaning the Gulf with pet hair

An Idea That Might Grow on You! Cleaning up the Gulf With Hair

So your hair is oily, limp, and you can never decide what to do with it, right?  You’re thinking, “Maybe it’s time I just cut it all off.” Here’s your incentive: your hair can save the animals affected by the Gulf oil spill. Matter of Trust is an innovative charity whose mission is to “Link ideas, spark action and materialize sustainable systems.”  Their newest endeavor is hair collection.  Any hair!  Okay, not any hair, they do specify that only human hair from the head is…

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