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Lebron James And Cane Corso Mastiff Moving Back To The Cleveland Cavaliers

  Perk up your ears, everyone, because there is big news for Cleveland! Lebron James just announced he’s going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers! He has been playing for the Miami Heat for four years, but there’s no doubt that this Ohio boy has a special spot in his heart for his home. Going with him will be his furry friend, King! The “big dog” in the basketball world is proud parent of an actual big dog, whom he got from famed Cane Corso breeder Scandifio. James has…

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Should You Bring Your Pets On Your First Date?

As animal enthusiasts, we know how important it is to find a love interest that feels the same way about their (and your!) cherished companions. What better way to spend a first date with a new suitor than to both bring your sidekicks along to join in on the fun—and a little evaluation? After all, who knows you better than your pet? As Wendy Diamond, resident dog and relationship expert says, “You know it’s a good date if they bring treats!”   If You’re Out…

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What Do You Do If Your Significant Other is Allergic to Your Dog? Ask Wendy!

How many times have you heard, “It’s me or the dog?” Don’t worry – many people are allergic to their significant other’s pet, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of either love of your life. Dander is the enemy, not your relationship. If you are thinking of getting a dog, consider these hypoallergenic dog breeds: Curly-Haired and Corded Breeds Poodles, Pulik, Komondorak, Irish Water Spaniels, Bichon Frises and Portuguese Water Dogs’ coats shed infrequently. These cute fur balls don’t spread around much…

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Father’s Day Tips For Grateful Canines! Adopt!

Dedicated to all fathers on Father’s Day, whether the pet or human kind!   With Father’s Day right around the corner, dads around the world are dreaming of delicious barbeque, reclining chairs, the latest bestselling novel, and a moment of leisure. While any dad can expect a new tie, a homemade card, or the latest ‘it’ gadget, those special fathers who do double duty as pet parents should look forward to an extra helping of puppy love. This Father’s Day, Animal Fair Media  presents five…

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Celebrate #WorldOceansDay Today!

Why we should celebrate our Oceans today and everyday? The world’s ocean: Generates most of the oxygen we breathe Helps feed us Regulates our climate Cleans the water we drink Offers us a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines Provides limitless inspiration! Did you know that 884 million people worldwide live without access to clean water? That’s about three times the population of the United States! Thankfully, organizations and initiatives like Oceana, No Water – No Life, and, World Oceans Day are trying to preserve the Earth’s…

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Tips for a Tail-Wagging Memorial Day Weekend!

  How to keep you and your pet healthy and fit in sweltering summer heat. Don’t be caught unprepared as Mother Nature Cranks up the Heat! The summer is prime time to turn an eye towards improving both your own and your pets’ health. Balmy evening walks and nutritious meals will go a long way toward making pets and their parents feel like a million bones! Both avid dog walkers and lazy leash luggers alike will find a new spring in their step with these…

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A man and a tarantula - Intimidating?

How To Understand Men Through their Exotic Pets:)

Can you understand a man through their exotic pet? We are all familiar with dogs and which breed type best suits a person’s personality; Golden Retrievers thrive with outdoorsy, athletic types and showier dogs like Poodles, Afghan Hounds or Bichons thrive with the fashion–oriented particularly fond of  art and culture. There  is the best selling book How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs  to help you not waste time in the dog park! Exploring the human/dog affinity, but how do you find out about the personality…

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Show Dogs are groomed and primped by their Handlers

Simple Tips To Groom Your Pet @ Home!

Want your pet to look as good as Baby Hope? Well you’re in luck! Pet perfect grooming can be accomplished in a few easy steps regardless of your level of experience! In New York City, some salons are charging over a hundred dollars to groom your dog! With prices so astronomically high, Lucky insisted that I share my guide to at home grooming so that you can get the look without lightening your wallet! Lucky has rigorously tested and approved all of these methods and…

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The Cutest picture ever of a baby and pitbull!

Furtastic Sunday Photo! Cutest Baby and Pitbull!

Thank you Judee from Pennsylvania for sending this photo!  You will receive a signed copy of Wendy Diamond’s best selling book  It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living (Random House) for making us smile! If anyone has a furtastic photo please submit to with Furtastic in the subject line for your chance to be featured and receive a special gift!  Please also remember Pitbulls are wonderful dogs!  Pin It

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Cat and dog walk

A Cat Joins in for a Dog Walk: Fur-tastic Photos

Every day, at the same time, she waits for him on the roof. He comes by, she jumps down, and they go for a walk! Who says Cats and Dogs don’t get along? This is true friendship. Thank you Judee for sending this in to us! For the Best that Pet Lifestyle and Animal Welfare has to offer follow Wendy  Diamond on Facebook, Twitter, and right here at!   Pin It

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