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Get...This... THING... OFF OF ME!


DANCING WITH YOUR DOG When Patie Ventre, a former professional ballroom dancer, looks out across an empty dance floor, she doesn’t envision Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers swinging through “Top Hat.” She sees Westies waltzing, poodles in polka and Mastiffs getting down to the Macarena. That’s why she started the World Canine Freestyle Organization — a group that holds dance contests around the world. People take their dogs to the hardwood, pump up the volume and just shake, rattle and roll-over. “Heel” to toe, of…

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Top 10 Fun Reasons to Exercise With Your Dog

  You know it’s good for you. You know exercising increases energy, strengthens muscle, keeps joints limber and weight down, helps you live longer and simply improves overall health. But, sometimes our motivation to exercise is low.  This is why most of us have workout partners, right? To encourage us, to inspire us, to provoke us to push ourselves to the limit.  But what happens when that workout partner cancels last minute? Or would prefer a leisurely stroll on the treadmill reading US Weekly rather…

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Hiking With Your Hound! Important Pet Safety Tips!

Are you ready to  take a hike in the fresh air, sunny skies and beautiful outdoors with your dog! Author Doug Gelbert is an expert on exploring the great outdoors with four-legged friends. With Gelbert’s comprehensive guides to the best dog-friendly parks, you and your dog won’t miss out on the chance to experience America’s majesty and natural splendor. Choosing a Trail Suitable for Two and Four Feet “It may seem obvious,” Gilbert says, “but first off, make sure dogs are allowed.” His main criteria…

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Should Baby Hope Do it?!

Tips To Help Your Dog Do The Doggie Paddle!

Summer has arrived! Here’s how to make sure your breed can take the plunge safely and swim to shore… Summertime is the perfect time to take your dog to the beach. But before you toss that stick in the ocean, remember: not all breeds can doggie paddle! One thing is for sure; swimming is the most effective form of exercise for dogs, namely, because it involves the use of the majority of muscles required for movement. It’s also the best way to regain muscle and…

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OMM Yoga or Doga anyone?

Animals, Yoga And OHM In Brazil!

    Working like a dog is an expression I can definitely relate to – sometimes more than I would like.  The practice of yoga has kept me centered and at peace during my work day and when taking care of my two adorable pets, Pasha & Baby Hope. It would figure that the exercise I love so much is based on animals! Recently I visited Body and Soul Adventures in Rio de Janeiro to learn all about the history and culture of yoga. If…

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Teach Your Dog A New Trick… Surfing!

  Dogs? Surfing? Yes, this amazing concept is sweeping the nation and getting pooches of all sizes hanging ten! Billy Ricioppo, a contractor and dog lover from Temecula, Calif. received a Christmas gift last year he knew he couldn’t refuse. Dog Surfing lessons at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort and Spa in San Diego, Calif., was just what his Labrador Bristol needed. “I didn’t even know stuff like that existed,” he says. “She was actually paddling back to the board and climbing back on,  smiling and panting!”…

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Summer won't last forever! Get out there with your furry companion!

Prevent Pet Behavior Problems With…Exercise!!

  Kimo was a three year old neutered male Malamute dog who dug holes in the yard, barked endlessly, escaped whenever possible, urinated and defecated indoors, and paced relentlessly. Martina was a one year old spayed female Russian Blue cat who meowed for attention at 2 am, knocked objects off any countertop or desktop she explored, and was already two pounds overweight. What could these pets have in common? Do these sound at all like troubles you have had with your own furry friends? Exercise…

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Mother’s Day Special! New Twist to Pet Fitness

Over the last three decades, photographer John Lund has captured some astounding animal antics. He can coerce a dog to skateboard like a pro. He can coax ordinary ducks to become seasoned synchronized swimmers. He’s even captured images of two swimsuit-clad feline sunbathing beauties.  Meanwhile, the rest of us can’t even get our dogs to sit still for a treat.   So how does this animal artist work his magic? Through the wonders of digital imaging, Lund creates humorous scenarios of animals indulging in unusual behaviors. While Lund…

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These pets love their planet!

Happy Earth Day! It’s Time To Practice Eco-Friendly Pet-Parenting!

        Your pets – and their health – are a product of the earth, and what better way to take care of your animals then to respect the planet they call home? Although it’s a good idea to practice eco-consciousness all year round, Earth Day,  is the perfect time to switch out unsustainable habits for greener, safer options – and you don’t have to sacrifice a thing! You can pamper your pet and keep the planet healthy by using eco-friendly products and…

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inn little washington virginia

Five-Star Dog Biscuits – Inn at “Little” Washington – Virginia

For 20 years, Patrick O’Connell and Reinhardt Lynch have been preparing and hosting five-star meals at the Inn at “Little” Washington in Virginia, an hour and a half southwest of Washington, D.C.. But while the Inn is world famous, O’Connell and Lynch and their talented staff pay just as much attention to what is served to the Inn’s resident Dalmatians, Rose, and Desoto. And there’s good reason for that attention: eleven-year-old Desoto and 10-year-old Rose very much embody the eat-fabulously-but-have-fun-doing-it spirit of the Inn. Although…

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