Furtastic Find – A Dog’s Diary vs A Cat’s Diary

A  Dog's Diary vs A Cat's Diary

A Wendy and Lucky Furtastic Find on the internet.. A Furtastic Find on the internet..     For the Best that Pet Lifestyle and Animal Welfare has to offer follow Wendy and Lucky Diamond on Facebook, Twitter, and right here at AnimalFair.com! … [Read more...]

RIP George Rodrigue – On A Blue (Dog) Streak In New Orleans

    The Louisiana legend, George Rodrigue,  whose Blue Dog paintings made him famous worldwide, has died at age 69 after a long battle with cancer. RIP to a beautiful soul. Since its creation, the Blue Dog became George Rodrigue’s obsession. “Painting it has become as natural to me as eating and sleeping. I have become the Blue Dog man.” Known … [Read more...]

Leo Cullum’s Cat Cartoons Are The Cat’s Meow!

Renowned New Yorker cartoonist Leo Cullum entertains with his animal cartoons in Cockatiels for Two. Containing 113 black and white illustrations of feline humor, the cartoons poke fun at the emotions and personalities of our beloved feline friends. Collum, a retired airline pilot, has published more than 500 cartoons in The New Yorker since 1977 in addition to having his work … [Read more...]

Viagra and Pets! Funniest cartoon!

Viagra and Pets!

Hysterical cartoon!   Thank you Cynthia from Cleveland for sending this cartoon!  You will receive a signed copy of Wendy Diamond’s best selling book  It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living (Random House) for making us smile! If anyone has a furtastic photo please submit to yappy@animalfair.com with Furtastic in the subject line for your chance to be featured … [Read more...]