Dogs in their Gardens

Maggie the Mastiff relaxes in her North Shore Fredric Olmstead Boston garden.

“How dull a garden seems… without a dog disrupting its calmness…”  Page Dickey, author of Dogs in Their Gardens, starts off her introduction.  Dickey has taken a chance to combine her love for dogs and being a horticulturist into one work. In this book she leads you all over America and abroad through some of the most amazing gardens with mans best friend as their guide.  … [Read more...]

Cat People Vs Dog People – Are They Worlds Apart?

  A story by the ever so brilliant author Ron Rosenbaum.. Cats versus dogs. O.K., it’s a bit of a departure from the high seriousness of my recent columns on Shakespearean exceptionalism. But I believe, in at least a half-serious way, that there are important truths that need to be examined, some myths about the question that need to be re-examined.  The myth about … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Tribute To Dog Motherhood Featuring Wendy Diamond!

Mother's Day is this Sunday and we  should never forget all those who are dog mothers! I'm featured in the best selling book; The Seven Pearls of Financial Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide To Enjoying Wealth and Power by Carol Pepper and my funny dear old friend Camilla Webster (St. Martin's Press). I'm a proud mother to my Russian Blue Cat; Pasha and  funny lil' Coton De Tulear; Baby … [Read more...]

How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs…


There are more than 68 million dogs in the United States alone, and half of these pups belong to men. And because men identify with their pets, the secret to sniffing out Mr. Right may be…his pooch. Find out! The Editorial Director of Animal Fair, a lifestyle media company for animal lovers, shares her own insights, amusing experiences, and extensive research on the subject … [Read more...]

East Meets West: Acupuncture For Animals in Honor of Chinese New Year

In honor of the Chinese New Year, Animal Fair investigates the medical potential of veterinary acupuncture. Dex, the schnauzer, was having trouble walking. The eleven-year-old also had a history of liver problems, which made his owner, Sally Hinkle, wary of using traditional arthritis medication. So Hinkle turned to Dr. Terry Brockman, a vet with over 20 years of experience … [Read more...]