Soothing Pet Sounds: Simple Classics Relax Your Canines

Calm your pooch down with a song

  It’s 11pm. You’re jonesing for sleep, but Fido won’t calm down. You’ve tried placing him in bed, stroking his fur, and talking to him softly, but his head is still filled with frantic thoughts of car rides, squirrel-chasing and that cute Bichon Frise he saw earlier. Before you slip tranquilizers into his Kibbles and Bits, there’s something else you should try: … [Read more...]

Top 10 Fun Reasons to Exercise With Your Dog

  You know it’s good for you. You know exercising increases energy, strengthens muscle, keeps joints limber and weight down, helps you live longer and simply improves overall health. But, sometimes our motivation to exercise is low.  This is why most of us have workout partners, right? To encourage us, to inspire us, to provoke us to push ourselves to the limit.  But … [Read more...]

The Dog Training Monks of the New Skete Monastery

Brother Thomas of the New Skete Monastery

    The monks of the New Skete monastery in upstate New York are as traditional as it gets. They are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which seeks to adhere as closely as possible to community standards set by the original Christians themselves, Jesus Christ and his Twelve Apostles. Daily regimens of prayer and contemplation continue an age old spiritual … [Read more...]

Independence Day! Pet Advice To Ensure A Happy 4th Of July!


Independence Day Agenda! The 4th of July is here and Wendy and Baby Hope are wagging their tails with excitement for this year’s festivities. But while Wendy loves the boom and dazzle of Fireworks, Baby Hope is less appreciative of this perplexing and LOUD form of human entertainment. Like any good pet parent, Wendy understands Baby Hope’s needs and now she’s created this … [Read more...]

Fire Hydrants and Dogs! The Facts about Territorial Marking!

Golden retriever checking fire hydrant.

The scene is a familiar one: a dog approaches a hydrant, sniffs it, lifts his leg and … well you get the idea. While not exclusive to dogs, territorial marking is certainly one of the behaviors most commonly associated with them. The behavior usually consists of a dog depositing small traces of urine on a particular space, area, or object to claim ownership. It’s also employed … [Read more...]