Photographer Vanessa von Zitzewitz Captures Animal Images While Saving Lives!

Von Zitzewitz combines a sharp sense of fashion with a love of the wild

Vanessa von Zitzewitz never considered becoming a photographer until she studied graphic design at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she took a photography course to gain credits. Her teacher was enthused by her work and pushed her to be more visually creative. At twenty-six years old, Vanessa got a call from Cartier America and was asked if she was … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Special! New Twist to Pet Fitness

Over the last three decades, photographer John Lund has captured some astounding animal antics. He can coerce a dog to skateboard like a pro. He can coax ordinary ducks to become seasoned synchronized swimmers. He's even captured images of two swimsuit-clad feline sunbathing beauties.  Meanwhile, the rest of us can't even get our dogs to sit still for a treat.   So how … [Read more...]

Taos Painter – Ed Sandoval Unveils His Canine’s True Colors

Ed Sandoval and Cinco de Mayo.

    Ed Sandoval lives in a vibrant and spiritually alive world. He was born in Nambe, in northern New Mexico, and that’s where he finds inspiration for his stunning paintings, from “the old days”. Sandoval’s “romantic expressionism” contemporary style displays old dirt roads, pickup trucks, adobe homes, mountains, work horses, old men talking leisurely walks, … [Read more...]

Pop Pet Artist Guillermo Borrajo Brings Woof Art to Life!

Guillermo Borrajo converts pup portraits into stunning artworks

In 2004, Guillermo Borrajo founded Woof Art to celebrate the unique relationship between pets and  people. As an animal lover, he understood that pet owners desired the very best for their four-legged friends. So his pet portraits came to portray an inner world where animals and humans coexist at the same level of harmony, love, and fun. Guillermo Borrajo, the man behind the … [Read more...]

Pet Portraits – from ‘Van Gogh’ to Needlepoint

    The royals have been doing it for years.  But these days, you don’t have to live in Buckingham Palace to pay homage to your special pet with an artistic rendering.  No matter what your décor, you can find a pet portraitist who will seamlessly match your style and spruce up your room with the smiling mug of your favorite mutt. If you are looking for a … [Read more...]