Surf’s Up for Lucky! Hawaiian Luau wedding!

This dog's not afraid to enjoy the water!

Beyond overwhelmed with the amount of support and entries for Lucky’s Groom!  This one was adorable!  Simone from Maui promised Lucky a beautiful Hawaiian Luau wedding!  Sadly all Lucky's wedding plans are locked in except she still needs a groom!    HANGing on a beach doesn't sound so bad to her - so the offer is much appreciated! Yes Lucky is getting Married – and Yes it … [Read more...]

Holiday Pet Gifts To Bark About

Picture 26

Just Like Your Dogs Do All Year Round The holiday season is here and if you’re chasing your tail wondering what’s the best pet present to buy – please stop now. You don’t have to feel like an underdog any longer when finding the perfect holiday gift for the deserving four-legged companions and dotting pet parents in your life. And if you want to stay out of the doghouse … [Read more...]

Got Pudge? 50% of Our Pets Do


Some Dogs and Cats are Cuter When Overweight, But is it Healthy? Ever since the ban of trans-fat in New York City, conquering obesity in humans has won a major battle, but what about your pets? In 2008, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention Study found that 50% of cats and dogs in America are overweight. We are the sole controllers of what go into our pet’s mouths … [Read more...]

Lucky Will Remember The Time


Words cannot begin to express the sadness we faced globally this week, we lost some amazingly special souls, animal lovers, and truly talented individuals. Lucky and I along with Animal Fair Media would like to express our deepest condolences to the friends and families of the late (and forever great) Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Each one of these … [Read more...]

Mickey Rourke Gets The First Lucky Award


Last night was Hollywood's biggest night of the year and while Lucky and I were not able to make it to the Oscars, seeing as we're working like dogs to get our new 21st Century dog guide (published by Random House) done. This year I brought Lucky over to a little Oscar party hosted by economic guru Nouriel Roubini who promised to not talk finance, but to talk films. There for … [Read more...]