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Father’s Day Tips For Grateful Canines! Adopt!

Dedicated to all fathers on Father’s Day, whether the pet or human kind!   With Father’s Day right around the corner, dads around the world are dreaming of delicious barbeque, reclining chairs, the latest bestselling novel, and a moment of leisure. While any dad can expect a new tie, a homemade card, or the latest ‘it’ gadget, those special fathers who do double duty as pet parents should look forward to an extra helping of puppy love. This Father’s Day, Animal Fair Media  presents five…

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Wendy with Lucky and Baby

Happy #NationalBestFriendDay- Adopting And Fostering Can Be Life Changing And Rewarding!

  Our beloved pet icon Lucky Diamond passed away on June 5, 2012 – Her Story… Fostering An Animal Can Be Life Changing And Rewarding! The loss of my beloved little Lucky Diamond was heartbreaking for me, and I’m still devastated. Lucky was truly one of a kind, and simply irreplaceable. She was my furry sidekick, roommate, business partner and puppy love of my life. Lucky had separation anxiety and would never let me leave her home, day or night. She came with me to work…

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How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs? Check Out Your Local Dog Park:)

How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs is the ultimate dating guidebook for singles seeking a man who isn’t afraid of a little fur. Whether you’re single, committed, or simply browsing, if a man has a dog, then this tome will allow you to keep one paw ahead! There are over 68 million dogs in the United States and real live human men are at the other end of half of those leashes. Wendy Diamond has humorously explored finding the common link and personality traits…

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Treat Your Dog To Valentine’s Day – If You Don’t Have One – ADOPT!

What are you going to give your furry four-legged Valentine? Lots of puppy love, of course, but your pup is going to be begging for some treats all day long. There’s no harm in giving a few extra treats on this special holiday, but remember there are some “treats” that should never be given to your dog, like chocolate. While the “GOOD Treats” below are good for your dog, it’s actually even better to give your Valentine’s Day pup dog treats instead. Dog treats are…

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Hold on tight to your puppy!

Are you ready for Puppy Love this Valentines Day? Any Pet Parent Knows, Meeting the Pet is a Test!

    Looking for puppy love? From finicky felines to darling doggies, pets are not only valued members of the family, but pretty good judges of character.  A pet’s approval can make or break your first date!  So what can you do to collar the elusive second date? Before the first date, paws to consider:   First contact. Where and how does the animal like to be pet? Discerning dogs and cultured cats might hate being touched on their heads.  Stay calm, cool and collected – kneel down and let the…

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Dear @LuckyDiamond: How Can I Help Out With My Pet Parent’s Wedding?

  Dear Lucky, Lucky, I have a two-part problem that is quite urgent. My owner is getting married this summer to a wonderful man and I have totally given her my blessing. However, the wedding preparations are overwhelming and she is ready to tear her hair out. What can I do to relieve my sweet owner of some of her stress? On top of that, her fiancé owns a rugged and handsome German Shepherd named Hans and I am completely smitten with him! Hans and…

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In Honor of Valentine’s Day! Puppy Love! How To Understand Men Though An Irish Setter?

Enjoy this entertaining and informative excerpt about the personality traits of men who own Irish Setters from the hit dating guidebook: How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs! written by Animal Fair’s very own Founder, Wendy Diamond.   Irish Setter • Personality Oh Danny Boy! Mr. Irish Setter is the good-looking Irish man with rich chestnut red hair. He’s the strong, sturdy, and elegant man hanging out with his social pack. He has an enormous amount of energy and when he’s out with his friends…

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How Living by a Dog’s Rules Can Motivate Your Life

How Living by a Dog’s Rules Can Motivate Your Life The authors of many self-help books encourage their readers to find a quote or a photo of someone to inspire and motivate them through out their day. Unfortunately, finding those words of wisdom and that face of encouragement isn’t easy. Some people need something or someone they can relate to emotionally, while others need to constantly be around a physical being. For Irene Young, all the motivation she need sleeps right in her lap. In…

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Dear @LuckyDiamond – What should I get my best cat friend for Hanukkah?

If you have a doggy dilemma or  a confused cat looking for advice, don’t hesistate to ask @ Baby Hope has taken on the legacy of Lucky – she has been around the block so no worries she is just as clever and can answer all your questions! Dear Lucky, Chanukah is here, and I cannot decide what present to get for my new best friend Kitty Kat. Being a puppy, I know what kind of presents dogs like, but I have no idea what to get…

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Happy Guinness World Record Day! Baby Hope Celebrates Lucky’s Legacy with the 2014 Guinness World Records Book!

Happy Guinness World Record Day!  In honor of our Guinness World Record’s – Throwback Thursday….. Baby Hope got a furtastic early Holiday present from Santa Paws – the 2013 Guinness World Records book!     She couldn’t wait to curl up with the newly released edition and read about her beloved sister Lucky Diamond, who  holds the record for being the animal photographed with the most celebrities! More than 363 animal-loving celebs got the chance to cuddle up with Lucky before she passed. Here’s the…

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