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Thousands of animals are up for adoption - take one home with you today!

No Pets Left Behind – Thanks To Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue!

The phrase “knowledge begets responsibility” became reality for Michelle Neufeld when she learned of the harsh, inhumane treatment of animal high-killing shelters in the south of our country. Michelle could not just let these killing shelters continue to murder animals in cold blood, so she set her mind to build an animal shelter where the animal is treated with respect, loved, and given every chance and opportunity to live a happy life. They have saved over 100 animal lives and continues to search to save…

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Endangered Elephants in Thailand - Playing Polo to survive

Endangered Elephants: Playing Polo for a Better Life!

  In Thailand, the elephant is a culturally sacred animal and even featured on the provincial seal of the Surin province. Now an animal with such significance is living in squalor. This is mostly a modern consequence of an ancient tradition of Kui spirit men catching and training elephants for many tasks. These Kui spirit men are known as Khru Ba Yai and only five of these men are living today. One of them, Khru Meu, has actually caught a wild elephant using ancient methods.…

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luckywedding datesecuredownload

In Honor of Our 12th Annual Paws For Style – Should Dogs Play Dress Up?

Let Dogs Be Dogs!   Animal Fair (fairness meaning fairness to animals) loves animals, and we are, and always have been dedicated to the welfare of all animals. The bottom line is we have always struggled to represent a voice for all underdogs (and undercats, underfish… goats…etc) and redefine animal issues as we know them today. Whew, I just wanted to get that out of my system before addressing the current public debate surrounding the controversial question circulating: Is it harmful for dogs to wear…

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Deaf dog3

Deaf Dogs Hear With Their Hearts – Puppy Love!

  When all of the other dogs are howling as a motorcycle zooms by, or chasing a vacuum around the house, your adopted deaf pup will be calm on the couch, without a care in the world. That’s just a couple of benefits Deaf Dogs Rock touts on its blog, – which won the “Best Cause Blog” at this year’s BlogPaws Awards. This category was judged based on message, purpose and results as demonstrated on the blog. Deaf Dogs Rock was inspired by Nitro,…

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mardi gras dog barkus

Krewe of Barkus – Mardi Gras Has Gone To The Dogs!

Everyone knows about the mystery and magic behind Mardi Gras in New Orleans (or what we used to refer to it in the Midwest as “Fat Tuesday”), but what about Mardi Gras’ sister, canine-friendly bash? The Mystic Krewe of Barkus is Mardi Gras’ sole canine-exclusive krewe, the equivalent of Bacchus (for humans), and this February Lucky and I will travel to NoLa for all the canine festivities and spectacle marking the seventeenth annual Barkus. We couldn’t think of a more perfect place to let loose…

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AF_SUM_06_p34_39_John Lund Photographer_AA-PinkPdle

Places to Avoid Taking Your Dog… Car Wash – Tennis Match – Hawaiian Luau

Without hesitation I can say that my best friend in the world is my Rottweiler, “Tuf-Puf”. I named her “Puf” because she looked like a puffball as a puppy, but I didn’t think that she would grow to weigh ninety-two pounds as an adult dog. I added “Tuf” to her name when she was two-years-old to avoid embarrassing her. It sounded stronger to me. Like all best friends, Tuf-Puf and I do practically everything together. We walk in the park. We swim in the lake.…

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Sparkles and his co-firefighter Spanner.

Sparkles The Fire Safety Dog Teaches Kids To Save Lives

    Fire safety is no wagging matter, and one Dalmatian is out to make sure when there’s a spark, and that everyone knows his or her barking orders. Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog traveled with Firefighter Dayna Hilton to teach children about fire safety, including an escape plan and outside meeting place. Hilton featured her four-legged colleague in her book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. This fun book teaches children and adults how to crawl and paw through a smoky situation like Sparkles does,…

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national pet dress up day

Woof it Girl! Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day! – January 14th

    Move over, Halloween! There’s a new favorite holiday in town! National Dress up Your Pet Day was started by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Colleen Paige, to celebrate our furry, feathered, and scaled best friends! It’s a great way to promote adoption and help out your local animal businesses, while still having a good time with your pet! Time to bring out your pet’s inner fashionista! You’re almost ready to walk the runway, but first…   There are just a few…

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A large parrot and is considered one of the rainforest’s most vulnerable birds.

Keep The Sun Shining On The Peruvian Rainforest

Peru is known for its unique history and vast rainforest. The Amazon Basin runs down the eastern border of Peru, with the Peruvian Amazon area of the Amazon jungle, east of the Andes to borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia. The Peruvian Amazon is the second largest jungle next to the Brazilian Amazon, and comprises 60% of the country. The Amazon represents over half of the planet’s remaining rainforests, and it homes the largest and most varied species of tropical rainforests in the world.…

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Jaguar as seen in the Peruvian Rainforest

The Rainforests, Indigenous People And The World Are Lucky To Have Sting And Trudie!

    Last night at The Harvard Club in New York City,  World renown composer, singer, best selling author, actor, and humanitarian Sting and Trudie Styler, actress, film producer, director, human rights activist, environmentalist and UNICEF Ambassador, were honored for their worldwide environmental work on behalf of the rainforest and indigenous people by the Cinema for Peace Foundation and the BMZ, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.  The enchanted night celebrated their life long commitment. The night concluded with the entire room of…

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