Bark Up A Storm — Support Pups for Peace!

A Peace-Loving Pup Ready for Action!

Dogs are no strangers to the service industry; they’re used to working side-by-side with humans as guide dogs for the visually impaired, police assistants, and emotional supporters for those suffering from mental illnesses – but did you know that dogs can also help prevent terrorist attacks? Pups for Peace was founded in 2002 following the Passover Massacre at Israel’s Park … [Read more...]

In Honor Of Father’s Day! Dog Moms And The Empty Nest!


Can a mama dog feel post-pawdum after her litter of puppies trots away to a new forever home?   That depends on the mom, said Kristen Collins, director of anti-cruelty behavior services on the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team. “Some mama dogs seem quite pleased when relieved from puppy duty. Raising and nursing pups is hard work! Others show signs of stress … [Read more...]

Animal Friendly Camps For Children!

Rescue cat !

  SPCA Camps Offer Special Summer Experiences SPCA camps are the optimal choice for the child who loves animals. Led by specially trained volunteers and staff members, groups are small and campers learn everything from puppy petting to kennel cleaning. Featuring hands-on attention and daily interaction with our furry friends, campers enjoy a unique learning … [Read more...]

Does Your Child Want To Be A Little Veterinarian? Here’s their chance…


    Is your child fascinated by animals and nature? There’s an opportunity and place for them to explore the world of veterinary medicine with practicing veterinarians. The NYC Veterinary Specialist located on New York City’s West Side provide classes that teach children; how veterinarians think and work, the use of real tools, different topics ranging from … [Read more...]

Belizo Zoo – One Woman’s Dream To Save The Endangered Jaguar!

Sharon Matola

  There is no doubt about it that Sharon Matola is passionate about what she does: saving lives one at a time. The lives of animals that is. The biologist and environmentalist is the founder and director of The Belize Zoo, which is currently the only zoo in the country. Getting to the zoo’s current state was certainly no easy task, but Matola’s determination and passion … [Read more...]