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Sharon Matola

Belizo Zoo – One Woman’s Dream To Save The Endangered Jaguar!

  There is no doubt about it that Sharon Matola is passionate about what she does: saving lives one at a time. The lives of animals that is. The biologist and environmentalist is the founder and director of The Belize Zoo, which is currently the only zoo in the country. Getting to the zoo’s current state was certainly no easy task, but Matola’s determination and passion towards saving the indigenous species of Belize was steadfast. No person was going to stand in her way.  …

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The Lady & The Panda - Fashion Designer Ruth Harkness


A New York fashion designer – turned – explorer introduces the world to what is now one of the most loved yet endangered animals. This may come as a surprise, but there was a time when pandas were considered violent and mysterious creatures – their captures seen as conquests for only the bravest of hunters.  In fact, it wasn’t until 1936, when Ruth Harkness, a New York fashion designer brought a giant panda cub back with her from China (fulfilling one of her late husband’s dreams),…

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You are Lucky! You don't have to clean the elephants!

Who wants to have breakfast with an Elephant?

Hopefully you are fortunate to be in the San Francisco area to experience a chance of a lifetime! This Saturday is Oakland Zoo’s bi-annual Feast for the Beasts event (9:00am – 3:00pm). Visitors have the rare opportunity to donate fresh produce to the animals. The main highlight of the morning is placing produce in the elephant exhibit and watching them dine. The first 250 guests through the door will receive a golden ticket to enter the elephant enclosure, before the hungry herd. It’s an opportunity…

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Betty White + Lucky Diamond - Two Dynamic women!

Betty White’s Gone Bananas for Gorillas!

    Acclaimed actress, comedienne, media personality, and animal activist Betty White has always been one of Animal Fair’s favorites, but in the wake of her recent wild birthday gift to fellow comedienne Carol Burnett, she’s moved to the very top of our list! This year, Betty gave Carol a present she’ll never forget – an adopted gorilla. A gorilla might seem like a strange choice for a present, and would definitely pose some difficulties when it comes to finding a big enough box! Luckily,…

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Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia’s world-class Taronga Zoo offers a first-hand view of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Mascots. Syd, the Platypus When the first platypus specimens were sent back to England from Australia after European Settlement in 1788, they were thought to be elaborate hoaxes. They appeared to be cleverly created from a number of animals, including a duck’s beak and the tail from a beaver. This unique creature is one of only three living members of the order of animals known as monotremes — the only egg-laying…

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Wendy loves to help endangered animals

A Congo Forest… In The Bronx

A young child in the front breaks the crowd’s trance, crying out, “It looks just like us!” This is what the Congo Forest is all about. With 300 animals of 75 species within 6.5 acres of breathtakingly well-simulated tropical forest, New York City’s 100-year-old Bronx Zoo is now (since June of this year) host to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Congo Gorilla Forest. Nineteen gorillas (22, if you count the babies in an off-exhibit nursery) live there, and if the WCS continues its four decades of…

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Baghdad Zoo: Restoring a Safe Haven for Animals

The Baghdad Zoo used to be the largest zoo in the Middle East. Despite being in the middle of the desert, it spanned 300 acres of beautiful open lawn. It held 650 animals and received 1.5 million visitors between 2001 and 2002. However, once the war in Iraq began, this recreational area became a battlefield. The zoo fell victim to gunfire and artillery, looters who took everything they could (including doorknobs), and starving thieves who looked to the animals for food. The zoo’s workers were…

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Tiger Mountain, at the Bronx Zoo, hopes to educate while regenerating.

Mountain of Rebuilding: Tiger Mountain, A New Exhibit at the Bronx Zoo

  Mountain of Rebuilding Tiger Mountain, a new exhibit at the Bronx Zoo, hopes to educate while regenerating.   Beneath the pressing foot of Natural Selection, the number Siberian tigers, ‘one of eight subspecies’ of tigers, all of which are endangered, has dwindled to a worldwide estimate of between 200 and 400.  Though they remain the most recognizable figures of global wildlife, conditions have chipped away at this regal breed of feline, and the Bronx Zoo in New York has decided to do something about it.   In…

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Thousands roam the icy mountains, soon to migrate in flocks from their summer to winter pastures.  But you don’t have to go to the countryside to see these cold-weather cervids, as Stockholm, Sweden’s trendy capital city, boasts one of the most extraordinary animal preserves with over 70 different Scandinavian species–Skansen Zoo.  The big-city reindeer (a semi-domesticated animal in Sweden) live in large comfortable expanses with Nordic companions like brown bears, wolves, wolverines, seal, elk and lynx.  Many of the zoo’s animals are ‘protected species’ due…

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Steve Irwin shows us his gentler side.

The Crocodile Hunter, aka Steve Irwin, is perhaps the craziest personality to hit Animal Planet to date.

  The Crocodile Hunter, aka Steve Irwin, is perhaps the craziest personality to hit Animal Planet to date. With his signature exclamations of “Crikey!” and commentary peppered with all kinds of Australian slang, the Croc Hunter dives headfirst into the wild in order to capture, relocate and rehabilitate crocodiles, rhinos, snakes, and other nefarious beasts-with one criteria-the more dangerous, the better. He really had no choice in the matter.  The son of Bob and Lyn Irwin, creators of the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park, Steve…

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