Holiday Tips on How to Adopt a Purebred Dog Or Cat!

    Are you thinking of  giving a  pet this Holiday? It's just as easy to adopt a purebred as it is to buy one! Tips on How to Adopt a Purebred Dog Or Cat!   1. A lot of people think they need to go to a breeder and spend lots of money if they want a certain breed, but that’s not at all true! There are many wonderful rescue groups that cater to … [Read more...]

Animal Fair Cares: The Remarkable Story of Eloise the Dachshund

I am Eloise, I am 12, and I love to play ball.

  At age 12, Eloise the Dachshund was as youthful as Kay Thompson’s famed storybook character, Eloise. But rather than roaming the halls of the Plaza Hotel, Eloise much preferred passing the time playing ball – a sport in which she was obsessed with. One tragic day in August, Eloise was lost in a game of fetch when she skidded on the hardwood floor and a disc in her … [Read more...]

George Clooney is single again! Time for another Pot-Bellied Pig?

George Clooney's Longest Love:)

We're Not in Kansas Anymore  The world’s most famous bachelor, George Clooney, is reportedly back on the market after splitting with Stacy Keibler !  Is it time he adopts a pig? Though they may have a stinky rap, pot-bellied pigs are some of the cleanest and most affectionate pets to have taken households and Hollywood by storm. They're easy to train, full of … [Read more...]

Leap To Protect The Belize Jaguar

A Belize jaguar relaxing in the wild.

  One of Belize’s main attractions and quite possibly one of the seven (or eighth) wonders of the world is The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. This spectacular sanctuary consists of forests, fauna and watersheds, approximately 150 square miles of tropical forest located at the eastern slopes of the Maya mountains, and is the world’s only Jaguar Preserve. This … [Read more...]