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Blair Delmonico


Blair Delmonico with Teddy

Blair Delmonico’s ready to wear clothing, jewelry, and accessory designs are distinguishably recognizable, comprised of a distinct, colorful, and bold visual statement. Blair Delmonico in her younger years was a model for Bonwit Teller, before switching her attention to raising her son and many dogs. Inspired by her world travels and personal love of fashion, at fifty-years-old Delmonico started her design house. Now twenty years later, her son David Salvatore (pictured above) is head designer and creative director of the expanding fashion enterprise. They have a chain of boutique shops from Dallas to their flagship store at the Time Warner Center in New York City.

Animals have been a major source of joy and inspiration for Blair Delmonico since she was a child. “My mom has been surrounded by pets since her childhood. Her favorite was her dog, Tippy. Growing up in New Jersey, she always encouraged me to be kind to all animals, especially the ones that lived in the wilderness surrounding our home. I was always rescuing wounded birds, homeless dogs, and stray cats,” Salvatore reflects.

Delmonico has been an avid supporter and protector of animal and wildlife for years, and belongs to several animal related organizations, including The Humane Society of United States, Defenders of Wildlife, and The Fund for Animals, to name a few. At one animal adoption benefit in Texas, Delmonico fell in love with a tiny dog that needed rescuing. She adopted and brought him back to New York City, then proudly named him “Teddy” Roosevelt Delmonico. Teddy is now the mascot and logo for Blair Delmonico. Salvatore describes Teddy, “He is something else. He possesses a very aristocratic attitude but is fun loving and very energetic – and his eyes have lots of soul. All this oddly enough sounds like a description of my mom!”

Salvatore goes on to tell how his mother makes a bold and loving gesture combining fashion and her commitment to animal rescue at their shows, “Her idea was to always show that high style and glamour are the perfect backdrop to promote compassion and animal adoption. At the end of her fashion shows, she (and I) will never be handed a bouquet of flowers – instead she is always handed a puppy that is up for adoption.” Blair Delmonico has presented the fashion world with an ageless classic style, one of caring and giving towards animals.


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